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  1. I just heard back (rejected) from George Mason last week (for PhD) - email to look at their decision in the portal.
  2. Hey all - to those who were accepted to Bowling Green State University's program, have any of you accepted their offer yet?
  3. Hey everyone, for those who applied to Old Dominion, did anyone hear back yet? I'm not sure if someone already asked this here, my mind has been a blur from this admissions cycle.
  4. That's good to know, thanks! I almost gave up on the program because it's getting late
  5. I haven't heard back yet, but I thought I saw people posting results on gradcafe results page. I could be wrong though . . .
  6. So I applied to the Social Psych PhD program, not the Masters' program. But I did hear back, and I got rejected 😕 Not surprised, since it's a different psych program.
  7. I haven't heard anything back from ODU yet. . . :(
  8. Congratulations! Did GMU email you? CUNY already sent out emails for Visitation Day.
  9. I haven't heard anything back from University of Connecticut. It's definitely not unheard of to be accepted/waitlisted this late because students who have been accepted might later on reject their offers and go somewhere else.
  10. Congratulations on your offer to Florida Tech! BGSU has their visitation day this weekend and sent out invites, CUNY (I assume you're talking about Baruch?) is sending out emails for interviews, and I haven't heard anything back yet from George Mason either, but it's not a bad idea to reach out.
  11. Hi all, congratulations to those who got in and got interviews! Did anyone here apply to Georgia Tech (PhD) and hear back? I've heard nothing.
  12. I just heard back for an interview for CUNY, so I think they should be sending out interviews to applicants this week and next week. Haven't heard anything from GMU
  13. I have a friend who applied and she received an invitation for an interview recently, so I think you and others should be hearing back either last week, this week, and next week :)
  14. Congratulations! Normally the visit day is for you to get to know the school and program much better, and for professors and grad students to get to know you. You will be told information about the classes required for the program, graduation requirements, funding, housing. You will get the chance to talk to the grad students and ask them questions. Then usually you will have one on one or group discussions with the professors. They will ask you about your research and you can ask them any questions you want. It's best to do thorough research on the professors' research and CV.
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