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  1. I was told by my professor to eliminate NYU as well because they aren't a really strong IO Psychology Program.
  2. I would recommend Hofstra University and Baruch College! Both in New York City. Hofstra is on the more expensive side. But, Baruch College is a great program, and since it's a City School, it is very affordable!
  3. Hi there, I am planning to re-apply to PhD programs in the Fall 2020 semester. I applied when I was a senior in Undergrad, didn't get in, so I went for my masters' instead. Now, I'm finishing up my masters' and will apply again. For my personal statement, would it be wise or stupid for me to include that I am re-applying? I wasn't sure as I was thinking I could write how I am still determined for a PhD program hence my reapplying and I have done x amount of research/work within these 2 years to improve my application. Or, is this unnecessary? I would really appreciate any feed
  4. Hi everyone, I'm planning to reapply to IO Psychology PhD programs, not sure exactly when, but hopefully next year or in the next couple of years. Is there anyone here who was rejected the first time they applied, reapplied again, and then got accepted? If so, what did you do more of, or less of, or really focus the second time around? Did you apply the year right after or waited a couple of years? Did you get your Masters' degree first and then applied to PhD programs? I would love to get some advice and insight! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey everyone! I'm still waiting for schools' responses, and wondering if anyone else was as well? Super stressed out here.
  6. Hi everyone, Is there anyone who did really well on the GRE on the first try, and didn't need to take the test again? If you did, how did you study? Any tips? Thanks!
  7. @kitcassidance and @PsychUndergrad Thank you both! I ask because I'm in the same predicament - I don't have that much research experience and am not sure if it's worth it to spend all that money on applying to grad schools and then be rejected. I'm not sure if if I should just go to a Masters' program - if I get accepted of course -- or just focus on getting research experience and then applying the next year.
  8. Hi everyone, Has anyone ever started preparing to apply to grad school (PhD more specifically) and then decided to not apply or decided to apply the next year? If so, what was the reason?
  9. Definitely second using My Grad School Apps Tracker, or creating your own personalized spreadsheet yourself. I felt that theirs was too long, or had some unnecessary columns, so I created my own on Google sheets based on theirs! It's a great way to track everything. And you should definitely have other tabs for passwords and usernames for each school's website.
  10. Hello all! For those who are in an I/O Psychology PhD or Masters' program, or who has finished, what is your current job or what job/career are you hoping to have? I'm very interested and curious in knowing, since I want to pursue further education in I/O Psychology and I would love to know everyone's jobs/careers! Thanks!
  11. Hello, I have some research experience, but not a whole lot. But I do have a good amount of work experience, extracurricular activities, and volunteer experience that's related to my major and the field I want to study in a PhD program. Are there any tips on how to incorporate everything and make me look like a good candidate even though I may not have as much research experience but a ton of everything of everything else that can translate to good research experience? Through my work experience I definitely have some research interests in mind by the way. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply to PhD programs. I know it's super competitive, and so I wanted to have a back up plan in case I don't get in anywhere. Should I apply to some Masters' programs as well? I know some PhD programs have Masters' programs IN them, but I just want to have a plan. And maybe having a Masters' degree might help me more when I apply again? Not sure. Thanks in advance!
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