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  1. I emailed all of the professors about 3 weeks ago-- that's honestly how I received most of my rejections/waitlists/updates. I don't think it hurts at all. If you prefer, you could email the department, but I think if you have emailed the POI before then you are completely okay to email them for an update.
  2. Has anyone heard from Georgia? I have emailed their psychology page and have not heard anything.
  3. Well the first email it mentioned they had sent the invites and asked me if I wanted to be on the waitlist. I said yes, and then asked what I could improve on for my application, and that's when they mentioned that "both applicants we flew out" hinting at two people.
  4. I also applied to CSU-- I was waitlisted on 2/19. They are flying out two people, according to their email.
  5. At this point in time, I have received some nice rejection emails from POI's regarding Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Social Psychology. I know I need more research experience and it would not hurt to have some publications/more poster presentations than I currently have. How do I get research experience when I am 4 years out of my undergraduate degree? I have an option for a research-intensive masters, which may be my best option, but is there another way for me to get research experience, particularly in IO psychology without doing the masters? I know I am so close, so I want to improve my application as much as possible, and preferably as quickly as possible. help!
  6. What does it mean if I have not heard anything from anyone? - feeling frustrated and despondent.
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