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  1. Hi all! I just released an offer from Central Michigan University, so there may be movement on the waitlist soon. Their open house is the first week of March.
  2. Do you mind if I ask the initials of your POI? PM is fine too! Thank you 🙂
  3. Well.. received an acceptance email from Central Michigan University and a rejection from UNC Charlotte. It's been a big week of hearing back!
  4. I was able to confirm that Bowling Green is much later this year. I don't believe they've sent out initial acceptances yet.
  5. I have some questions for those of you who applied to Organizational Behavior programs... Would any of you mind DM'ing me? Mostly just about your intentions post-PhD and your preference between IO and OB. My POI from IU's OB program let me know that I'll be receiving an offer next week... which is great (actually beyond great, with this being my 2nd application cycle, I'm thrilled) but it's also my only OB program, so I have some decisions to make (I should say maybe... this could be my only offer). Thank you 🙂
  6. Still haven't heard from Mason- didn't apply to DePaul. I think this is going to be a big week! Hoping so, anyway! Wishing everyone good luck!
  7. Sorry to hear that 😕 On the bright side, you still have interviews and several schools you haven't heard from! Was Rice high on your list? Also- see you at IUPUI visit day! Who's your POI for IUPUI?
  8. Oh noooo.... what now?? Such a terrible/great problem to have, lol.
  9. Anyone heard anything from Bowling Green? It seems a bit late for them, I assume initial acceptances will go out next week if they haven't already.
  10. I haven't heard anything from Mason. Looking back to previous years, it seems like they should be sending out interview emails soon. Has anyone had their interviews yet? If so, how did they go? My interview with my POI at IUB Kelley went really well, I thought. They said they will be interviewing people and determining who to invite to "second interviews" which I assume is their replacement for recruitment weekend, since it's centered around applicants meeting faculty and current students. They said I'd hear back in Feb if I was invited to that. Hopefully I'll have heard back from some other p
  11. That would be awful of them to leave you hanging like that... you'd think they'd let you know one way or another. I haven't heard from them at all- so you must certainly be higher up on the list than most everyone else 🙂
  12. Just scheduled an interview for Friday with my POI at IUB Kelley School for OBHRM! Really surprised to hear back from them but super excited.
  13. How's it going for everyone? All I've heard so far is that Central Michigan U emailed my LOR writer and said I was a strong candidate. I saw someone had posted that ODU scheduled an interview with them, congrats! Their app was just due on the 5th of Jan, so you must have a really strong application! Anyone else heard back or completed interviews at this point?
  14. So I'm just finishing up my application for ODU (due tomorrow) and I'm noticing there's nowhere to upload a resume or CV... and the statement of purpose is limited to 500 words... and they are waiving GRE requirement. So I guess I'm wondering how they're going to evaluate applicants at all? Anyone else applying to Old Dominion?
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