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  1. Right? I thought I was the only one who thought that (I received this email as well). This is my first time going through the process and as I see people on their second, third, and fourth tries become more discouraged I can't help but feel saddened and slightly angry. This entire process needs to be completely scrapped and reevaluated. People with years and years of experience are rejected because there are only 3-10 spots per school? We can either be in $200k+ debt for the rest of our lives or apply once every year until hopefully we get a shot? The world needs more psychologists, and e
  2. Possibly... I'm hesitant to add to the onslaught of emails I'm sure they've already received. However, I would like to have the peace of mind... Are you the brave soul who wants to email admissions? 👀😂
  3. I got the same email. Maybe we were waitlisted? Or maybe people were being dishonest about their interview invites? Either way, I'm glad to have some contact with admissions!
  4. I just got an email from Georgia State saying they are still reviewing applications as they received an "extraordinary amount this year". Don't lose hope guys!
  5. Probably so. I would like to see schools just go ahead and post the rejection notice in their portal if all invites have gone out and the waitlist has been solidified. It's just emotionally taxing to wait and hear nothing for months.
  6. Gotcha! I meant no disrespect- I was just curious. I'm sorry that you even have to deal with moderating either page; you'd expect applicants for extremely competitive programs to be more responsible and respectful.
  7. Lmaoo exactly. Honestly I'm skeptical that GA State actually gave that person an interview 😂 I just want them to remove posts that aren't results. It's really annoying when people ask questions there
  8. Are there mods actively monitoring the results page?
  9. Should I assume rejection from UNLV? I see that they sent out invites yesterday.
  10. To the Mercer poster: when did you apply? I understand that they use a rolling deadline, so I'm just trying to get a feel for their timeline. Thanks!
  11. @Gavindorf why did you assume rejection from Arizona State?
  12. Do you know what specific changes he made? Or was it just a general update?
  13. Same. I saw a post that said something like "Post the PI if you want, and if the person didn't post their PI don't ask", and it was gone about 30 mins later, so I assume the mods removed it. I think it's a good point though. Clearly the posters lurk the forums/results page, so they're aware that they could post the initials if they want to. I can only imagine how much worse this is going to be over the next few weeks.
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