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  1. My heart just stopped when I saw the Wright Institute on the Results page, and it was someone asking a question that belongs here. PLEASE ask questions here, not the results page. That is just for listing results.
  2. Has anyone reached out to/heard from Xavier or Widener about their PsyD timelines?
  3. I think the main thing is that there isn’t an option for asking a question or chatting. When the options are “interview, admitted, rejected, other” and the page asks you to take the time to post your results, it just doesn’t seem to me like it’s the place for back and forth. That being said, I also don’t think caps/yelling is necessary but also, there were multiple posts saying that the results page isn’t for back and forth and asking for people to stop doing it, so the continued back and forth is even more frustrating because it’s happening after multiple requests for it to be taken to a diff
  4. And to the person who said that someone who posts in all caps isn’t ready for grad school: You may also not be cut out for grad school if you can’t follow the simple instructions on what to post in the forum vs the results page.
  5. I was a Registered Behavior Technician (ABA therapist) for a year and a half, and while I really enjoyed it and think it is mostly beneficial for kids, there is huge controversy over ABA within the autistic adult community. It's definitely worth looking into before pursuing a masters in it!
  6. Thank you for the info! That's weird that they didn't send a rejection until after they conducted interviews, I thought that's more of a PhD thing than a PsyD thing. Do you know about the timeline for when they send interview invites?
  7. It’s my top choice too! (Clinical PsyD). It has about a 10% acceptance rate, historically, so I fear how low it will be this year. Their interviews are Feb 15 for clinical, so I feel like they will send invites this coming week!
  8. Not yet 😕 I’m thinking we’ll hear late this month, based on previous years’ results posts.
  9. Hey! Californians mostly don’t say “Cali,” and USC is notorious for its pretentiousness so if you get accepted and go there (good luck, btw!) I would advise against saying “Cali.” When Californians refer to Southern California, we call it “SoCal,” but USC is just referred to as USC.
  10. Exactly! We're all in the same boat, waiting to hear. Cluttering the results feed just makes it harder to find out when people actually do get results!
  11. Is it just me, or is it frustrating to other people when people post on the results page to ask if anyone has heard from a certain school? It stresses me out to see the name of a program I applied to on the results page and then I see that someone is just wondering if anyone has heard from the program. Is that type of post allowed on the results page?
  12. The CUDCP calendar says Feb 15. Have you received an invite?
  13. Hi! Did you end up applying to the Rutgers PsyD or get any info on how competitive it is? Thanks in advance!
  14. Sure, if it's just two pages I can take a look at it!
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