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  1. Hi! I see that you just joined recently. Welcome! Most schools follow the CUDCP timeline which requires students to accept or decline admissions offers by April 15. Waitlist decisions sometimes come before then, but it’s unlikely. If you have any offers from clinical psych programs, you are probably required to accept and make a deposit or release the offer by April 15. You may want to consider (if you’re able) making a deposit and accepting an offer by April 15th and if you get in off a waitlist after that, you’ll just lose the deposit from the first school.
  2. I’ve been answering robocalls too! The Wright Institute is probably going to be a (415) number, but it could be different if it’s a faculty member calling.
  3. Is anyone else waiting to hear from Wright Institute? Johnny said we should hear by the week of March 22-26, and I still haven’t heard back! 🥺
  4. I’ve been getting so many robo calls. It’s like they know I’m waiting for grad school decisions and will pick up!
  5. My interview invitation for La Salle started with “Dear Applicant”
  6. This doesn’t help with the feelings about reapplying, but I have something that helps me to be nice to myself rather than self critical. For most schools, getting an interview means you’re qualified and a good applicant. It’s just about fit and personality from that point. Five interviews means you’re hecka desirable as an applicant! Hope this helps a little
  7. Sorry, I replied to the wrong post about the Wright Institute!
  8. The Wright Institute is not done reviewing applications!
  9. I got an interview invite today. I know that some admitted students last year deferred, so there may be some cohort slots already filled before this year’s applicants even interview. I don’t know how many slots are filled, and don’t know if the number of interviews reflects that.
  10. I haven’t heard from them! I emailed earlier this week to ask if they sent out all interview invites and I haven’t gotten a response.
  11. For some programs, PsyD at least, some students deferred their admission last year because of covid, so some cohorts are already partially filled with admits from last year.
  12. No, but I heard that even people who got an email invite to an interview still said “no decision” in their portal.
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