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  1. Hi! I know this is a stressful time for all because of everything going on. I'm not sure if that will make next cycle more or less brutal, but every cycle is quite brutal so try not to focus on comparing it to other ones and rather on what you can do to make your app stand out this time! Also, those are all great schools, but my only other advice would be to try not to geographically restrict yourself if possible and apple to programs based on faculty, not just school status and location because those are the more competitive ones! Obviously, you can apply to the uber competitive ones too, bu
  2. @EmpatheticMastermind I think summer is an okay time to reach out, I reached out to my POIs in late Spring last cycle and all had an idea of how their next year looked. With that said- this year could be somewhat different given many labs will need to look at funding after COVID 19 simmers down and they are back in labs full-time.
  3. I completely agree, we are all capable and qualified, but it is so so competitive! That's awesome that your position is secure and funded. As for research interests, I am broadly interested in psychosis and schizophrenia, with specific interests in genetic etiology and early detection/intervention. How about you?! I applied to 10 PhDs and 3 PsyDs last cycle, and was accepted to 2 PsyD programs, but realized that they weren't for me and my heart is really in research. So I decided to go another round and only apply to the Clinical PhDs!
  4. Too soon?? Sorry, but I need a distraction from my Fall 2020 ~nightmare~. Lol, jk. Buuuut I thought it would be fun to learn who is applying again (or for the first time!) next year and how everyone is planning now! My list of schools is still a work in progress, as I've found that everyone with my research interest is at top-ranked schools so I'm trying to narrow that down a bit and find others to increase my chances next round, but here is my work-in-progress (all Clinical PhD): Northwestern University-Weinberg, UT Southwestern Medical Center, CU Boulder, University of Maryland- Ba
  5. Was just notified that the cohort was filled at the school I was waitlisted at.. All those who were accepted, I would love to know how to improve my application for next cycle if anyone minds DMing me! Congrats to everyone who got into their dream program this round!
  6. I’m not freaking out YOU’RE freaking out.. This wait is endless y’all
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but-- I am currently waitlisted at one school and am trying to formulate a plan B if it doesn't lead to an acceptance. I am currently in two research labs at the university I graduated from but feel I have outgrown my positions there. I was in both for over two years and despite my asking several times was never granted permission to use data from these labs to create a thesis, author a paper, or submit a poster. These two labs are also not in my area of interest and I feel that I need to gain experience with the rare population I am intere
  8. I feel you guys!! ^^ I interviewed at 2 PsyD programs and 1 Clinical PhD program and I decided after some self-reflection to turn down both PsyD offers because interviewing at the PhD program showed me I need to follow my love for research.. The PROBLEM is now I have 0 offers to keep me warm at night and I am a high alternate on the Clinical PhD waitlist. Am I crazy???
  9. Thank you guys! I will just continue twiddling my thumbs and binging Mindhunter 😂
  10. I was waitlisted as a “high alternate” for my top choice What are some things y’all are doing to cope? What are the odds the spot will actually open up? And what even IS a high alternate? Next in line? Next next?
  11. Hi friends- So I am trying to prepare for a clinical psych PhD interview, but I am having trouble knowing how to prepare for the research aspect of it. My POI just transferred from one university to another this past year and said he is moving his current research to this university, but his lab website doesn't have any updates on current projects and such. I have read his lab's major publications from the past 2-3 years, but I don't know what questions to ask given that I don't know his current projects, only his previous ones from the other university. Should I build research questions
  12. I was asked this at a recent interview and I told them the approach I was most drawn to and the one that I felt would be most effective given the population I am interested in. You can look up articles with good evidence that a certain approach works well with your intended population and use this to shape your answer as well. Hope this helps!
  13. So happy for everyone receiving offers so far! You are all amazing and deserve this! And for everyone waiting post-interview or pre-interview, good luck! You are all amazing and deserving as well!!! We got this!
  14. I’m freaking out... I am currently in Milwaukee for an interview tomorrow morning and they got 6 inches of rain today unexpectedly. The outfit I brought for tomorrow has small heels and I’m worried I’ll either slip or look dumb for wearing heels when there’s snow on the ground or both.. please help me calm my anxiety. Do I need to go to a store in the morning before going to the interview to buy new shoes? I’m wearing dress pants with a blouse and blazer
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