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  1. York isn't requiring GRE scores for this admission year either. (I'm an incoming student for Fall 2020 and just received an email about it)
  2. I just heard back this morning that I received one. I'm a former grad student there and I still get the emails meant for grad students. The department head sent an email a few weeks ago saying that all graduate classes will be held online in the fall, with the "only potential exception involves labs in our first-year assessment classes in the clinical psychology program". Haven't gotten any emails about TA-ships, but in the past we weren't emailed about that until June/July.
  3. Just adding some info, York said that they are expecting September to be online and will hopefully transition to in person classes in October.
  4. Definitely take the practice test on the ETS website! When I took the actual test, there were VERY similar questions so it's a great example of what the test is actually like. Other than that, I used the Brainscape GRE Psychology deck (https://www.brainscape.com/learn/gre-psychology). You do need to pay to use them, I think it's ten dollars a month? But honestly, this is all I used to study and I scored in the 90th percentile or above for all sections of the test. Also fingers crossed they don't lose your test like mine was lost! I had to rewrite it six weeks later with less than tw
  5. There's certainly hope if you do well in your last few years. Most schools I applied to asked for an overall GPA as well as a GPA for the last two years only. There is definitely more of a focus on your more recent years than your overall degree.
  6. Don't do Yorkville. I have only heard terrible things about it, and it's incredibly expensive. Personally, I think you need to get a psychology degree and then go on to pursue clinical or counselling the "proper" way. You should definitely take some psychology courses first before deciding that you want to pursue a career in psychology.
  7. Does anyone know when OGS results are released? I asked my future supervisor when I interviewed and he said he thought it was in June but he wasn't sure. Does it depend on the school?
  8. So I believe this means that you are an alternate for the CGS scholarship only. It is a completely separate process from the admissions process. You can receive a CGS without being admitted to a program. I think if you received it, you wouldn't be able to accept it since you were not admitted to those schools. You could possibly inform them if you did receive it, but I have no idea if it would change anything on their end. From my knowledge, it's pretty common to be listed as an alternate for this competition. My husband was listed as an alternate both years he applied and he did not end up re
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't. Updating about scholarships makes sense because departments only have a certain amount of funding, which limits the amount of students they can take in a given year. Getting a scholarship may mean they don't have to worry about finding money for you that year. While getting more experience and a first authorship is GREAT, it doesn't change the funding situation for the programs you're waitlisted at. Just my opinion, though.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. It's a bitter pill to swallow and tbh I don't know if I will apply again next year. It just feels so pointless 😞 Edit: sorry to hear you got rejected as well, it fucking sucks
  11. Someone posted an acceptance on Feb 20th. I've emailed a few people at York hoping to get some answers. It's past the time my POI said I would have heard back by and they have not responded to a follow-up email asking for an update on my status. If I hear anything, I'll post here.
  12. I absolutely hate being the one to break it to you, but if you look at that result again, you'll notice that the interview invite was extended on January 20. Whoever submitted that result only added it today, but it looks like the interview was over a month ago
  13. I'm not 100% sure, but I think just by applying you are automatically considered for certain scholarships. It used to be that you were considered for a QEII at the U of C if you applied for tri-council funding (ie, the applications were combined) but the QEII was discontinued last year (THANKS JASON KENNEY). But perhaps something else took its place and that's the scholarship you were awarded?
  14. Do you know which scholarship it is? I would be surprised if it was a tri-council (SSHRC, NSERC, or CIHR) because those decisions usually aren't released until April 1, so I think it must be a different kind of scholarship. Scholarships are great though, it still might help!
  15. NO and it's killing me too My POI (not SF tho) said late February/early March so I/we might still have a week to wait, but I hope it's not that long. My nerves are completely fried. Edit: someone was accepted last week in the CD stream, but I think the offers are going out quite variably so I'm not panicked yet. My POI did tell me that he'd let me know either way (i.e., rejected or accepted)
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