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  1. Good job! Let me know if you get an offer, it'll give me a good idea of where the waitlist is
  2. I got my results back, I'm in a different committee from you (2A), rank 69 with 60 applicants being accepted for funding. I figure that I'm in a decent spot, and I'll keep hope alive but not hold my breath for it.
  3. FInally got my letter today. Waitlisted with a 12.4. So, if any of y'all want to refuse a SSHRC I'd be happy about that, lol.
  4. Another day, another empty mailbox. I sent my email again, I don't care if I'm being annoying, I need to know once and for all at this point
  5. Thank you for the reassurance, you've given me a bit more hope
  6. I also did not receive any mail today (ottawa). Do we know if they send the acceptances and rejections together? Is there any way to read into how long the letter is taking to arrive? Did anyone receive a rejection today?
  7. That’s great news because I’m in Ottawa too, I can’t wait to get home and check...literally, I can’t wait
  8. Please do, and tell them to email everyone else waiting as well
  9. Not yet, who did you email? I emailed Ester Di Cori
  10. Sent a email to someone who I think is the correct person, crossing my fingers. My anxiety would appreciate an answer.
  11. I have not received an e-mail from them, a fact which is greatly irritating me. Though the post in question was for the Master's program
  12. Yes I did, in the field of Religions of the Late Antique Mediterranean specifically. I haven't heard a peep from them, which is unusual, but I also haven't heard of anyone else hearing anything else from them either, so I'm not worried. To be honest, I doubt I'll accept them even if they accept me, so I'm not worried
  13. Heads up to everyone. I just emailed UofT and they told me that they sent out their first round of acceptances and that I wasn't accepted. Bad news for us who haven't heard from them
  14. I applied to UoT, Mcgill and UBC. I was accepted to McGill with highest funding, but have not heard from the other two as of yet. I've been rejected from UofT before and am not eager to repeat the process.
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