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  1. Hi everyone, I’m in Toronto and got my letter today. My score says 17.9/20 but I’m wondering how we find out our ranking? I’ve seen others posting their ranking but don’t see that info anywhere so just curious. In the Vanier it said I was 22/186 so wondering if SSHRC gives that info somewhere?
  2. York U is emailing students results. I got the Joseph-Bombardier but I’ve already declined it because I received Vanier, so good luck to those of you on the waitlist!
  3. Hi everyone, so I won a Vanier scholarship and yesterday they emailed me requesting that I contact SSHRC and confirm that I’m declining a SSHRC scholarship. This morning I got an email from SSHRC saying that even though I declined I’ll be getting the results in the mail as they were mailed out April 27th. I hope this helps resolve some confusion.
  4. Got the email and got the Vanier!! Rank 22
  5. Not quite the same, but a few years ago my husband was on a work visa so he needed me to co-sign for a credit card. At that time I had MA SSHRC as my sole income. They asked me to bring in my funding letter and that was good enough. If you have tax slips showing the money you've received from a scholarship that would probably be even better. For what it's worth, that was with RBC, so YMMV.
  6. msfinley

    Trudeau 2018

    Hi everyone, another update to let you know I received a call from the foundation yesterday (around 3 pm) letting me know I've been accepted as a finalist. My interview is March 16th in Montreal. She sent me an email right after our phone conversation, so if you didn't get a call perhaps look out for an email? Best of luck!
  7. msfinley

    Trudeau 2018

    Thanks everyone. I don’t want this to come off as fake “consolation” but I do want to let everyone know that last year I applied for SSHRC and wasn’t even forwarded to the national competition. And now this year I’ve advanved in SSHRC, Vanier, and Trudeau. Same project. Same grades. One extra co-authored publication. From what I’ve heard from my supervisor and the department there are a lot of politics and other behind-the-scenes information we aren’t privy to. So please, please, please don’t take the outcome as a reflection of your work and especially not of you as a person. It really seems l
  8. msfinley

    Trudeau 2018

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be helpful to update that I applied for the Trudeau and I just got an email stating that I’m a semi-finalist. The email is from the Trudeau Foundation itself signed by Josee St-Martin. No indication of what the next step will be. Best of luck to all of you!
  9. Hi everyone, regarding the alternates list, i was offered CGS-M at U of T and also at York. I accepted at York and have declined U of T, so I'm imagining that this will free up a spot for an alternate at U of T? I'm not really sure how the process works but that would be my assumption. As someone has mentioned, if you are an alternate, I think you have a reasonably good chance, as winners probably would have been awarded multiple awards, but they can only pick one, freeing up spaces for alternates.
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