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  1. Hi ArkyBarky, were you able to get it to work? I’m so sorry, that is so frustrating!!! In my case, I had an account from when I applied two years ago, and that password was still valid. Is there any chance they have a different email on file for you to log in with? Terrible that they do this so late at night when you can’t access technical support.
  2. Hi everyone, I got the email 10 mins ago. I was asleep and my phone’s email notification sound woke me up. But anyway, I was funded!!!! Committee 3, total score 16.05/18, score of the last application 14.01. Data for those interested: I had applied for a CIHR postdoc last year and a SSHRC postdoc the year prior and wasn’t funded either time. In my PhD, I held a Vanier, and in my Master’s I held a SSHRC. I’ve been working as a postdoc on a large SSHRC-funded project for a year now. Not a huge amount of publications (one book chapter, seven journal articles, and an additional four articles under review at the time of submission), though I do have a book being published with a large Canadian publisher, not sure if that helped. Co-I on three projects—two received SSHRC funding, one is under review.
  3. I just checked the email notifying me that the results were available from when I applied in 2021, and I received it at 7:12 pm (March 3rd). So I guess it can come anytime.
  4. Good luck, everyone! Is anyone else having a hard time focusing on work today? I just want to know the results regardless to be able to move on.
  5. I found myself really procrastinating near the end of my dissertation because I was nervous about my PhD ending and what was going to come after (not saying you’re doing this but just my experience and how I started to realize how anxious I really was). One thing that helped was setting up multiple plans: plan A, B, C, etc. and having those as solid as possible. My PhD supervisor introduced me to a researcher at another university who was applying for a big grant and would be hiring postdocs for it, so I met with her like a year before I finished my PhD and talked about joining her project if she was funded. Plan A was that I’d apply for SSHRC and she’d supervise me and I’d work part-time on the project: plan B was if I didn’t get SSHRC she’d hire me full-time as a postdoc on the project; plan C was if she didn’t get funded she’d hire me for another project; plan D was I reached out to another researcher I met on a scholarship review committee and he said he’d be hiring a postdoc in about a year so if my first plans fell through he’d be there. When I had about a year left of my PhD, I also started looking online for research assistant jobs and found a really good one at another university where I was a research coordinator for a SSHRC-funded project. I’m still working with that researcher on the side and it’s opened a lot of doors for publications and co-I roles. I did that in large part so that if my PhD ended and none of my postdoc plans worked out I’d at least have some kind of work to carry me through until I landed something. I’m not sure if this is helpful but basically I just had a bunch of contingency plans and also made it known to EVERYONE that I was defending soon and looking for a postdoc. A lot of opportunities pop up randomly, like, one project I was working on as an RA was winding down and the PI mentioned to the program director of another department the work I had done for her, and then the program director asked if I would teach a course in her program on my area of expertise. Finishing the dissertation is already exhausting enough so hustling like that was exhausting, but it set me up really well by the time I defended—I was actually overworked at one point and had TOO many hours a week I was trying to juggle between projects.
  6. That uncertainty is awful. I had a lot of anxiety near the end of my PhD about what comes next. This is my second year applying for SSHRC (applied for CIHR last year which was a bad decision, and then applied to SSHRC the year before that and didn’t get it). If it’s any consolation, I have a few colleagues who got a SSHRC right after their PhD, so it’s definitely possible! I hope it comes through for you.
  7. Not yet, unfortunately…I have the link from two years ago when I applied, but when I try to sign in it just says “access denied.”
  8. Waiting to hear the results as well. I wasn’t nervous until the last couple of days, and now it’s hit me. I’m really hoping to get it so as to establish my own program of research (currently employed as a postdoc on someone else’s project) and for other quality-of-life-related reasons. So…trying to stay calm and occupy myself but not really succeeding.
  9. Really sorry to hear this and that it was so stressful trying to see the results.
  10. Okay it’s reassuring emails are still going out! My husband and I are sitting here trying to make sense of how these are being sent out lol. Institution alphabetically maybe? Year of birth? Letter of first name?
  11. Hi Svaaron, wondering if you’ve gotten anything? The wait is killing me.
  12. Thank you for sharing this! It sounds like they’re still posting people’s results then? And have been since at least February 24th? Good grief.
  13. Thanks for sharing this! FEBRUARY 24TH??? That honestly makes me so angry. For a lot of people this determines the next two years of their lives, and I know in my case depending on the results I then need to reach out to my potential supervisor asap to explore our plans B and C and that’s on a time limit as well. I have two kids to support as well as my husband who stays at home with the kids I’m positive most of us (if not all) are in similar boats where we need results to make decisions. At the very least for the peace of mind of knowing where we’ll be living and what we’ll be doing for the next couple of years.
  14. That definitely could be it, because otherwise you’re correct that to my knowledge doctoral scholarships aren’t taxable, so hopefully it’s a mistake that can be resolved!
  15. I haven’t gotten those instructions either, I’ve been operating under the assumption that they’ll send a single email with information to log in and in that same email indicate that our results are now available and can be seen through that login. Although doing things that way is probably too reasonable and simple for SSHRC and they’ll find a wildly convoluted way to do this involving several emails lol.
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