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  1. How do you know you're the first alternate in committee 3? I don't see how this can be deduced from the info we are given?
  2. This is very inspiring thank you! It can definitely feel like the end of the world when you get the rejection, but I agree it isn't the clearest reflection of your research impact. The only specialist in my field on the sshrc committee I applied to this year is currently an adjunct at a university that I have just been shortlisted for a tt position at....with a cover letter and research statement based on the same project, and with very similar prose, to the sshrc app. It can be difficult being ranked by generalists but also by others in your field with very different ideas of what makes "good research".
  3. Dang, Phon, you killed it! Well done!
  4. Hey, I can't remember exactly which approach resolved things in the fever dream that was last night, but I *think* i opened the link in Microsoft Edge (instead of the other browsers they say are compatible) and used the forgot password button with the email address they sent the notification to. For some reason it worked on Edge, give it a try!
  5. For bookkeeping, what committee were you? Your score seems high
  6. Thanks for checking in. I did! After multiple work around attempts haha. All to find out I didn't get it I scored 14.83/18, in Committee 3. Last score recommended for funding 14.01. 17/78 fellowships offered. This seems low compared to data from previous years, I guess that's to be expected given the state of things, though. Happy to all of you who got it! You're all deserving and will do great things with it I'm sure ❤️
  7. Is anyone having problems signing on? I've never signed onto Extranet this is a different site than the one we applied for. Do not have a password that works, and my email is invalid when I click forgot password. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  8. I'm not sure what the process is but you can defer for up to a year, sometimes longer in special medical circumstances.
  9. I am also finishing the PhD (the planned date to submit my monograph is March 11th) and I'm also worried. I think the expectations for publications are adjusted based on where you are at in your career, though, so I wouldn't be overly worried about that (but maybe it depends on the committee, too). However, I have been warned that if you have taken a long time in your program and have not yet graduated, it can greatly impact your feasibility score. I included reasons for my delays on the allowable inclusions page, like the loss of my brother and lab shut downs during Covid, but I am emotionally prepared for this to impact me (currently in my 8th year). I have a few interviews coming up (one tt position at a research university, two others for liberal arts colleges), and the pressure of what happens if I don't get SSHRC and can't secure a reasonable alternative feels like it will really impact my performance. In any case, I'm rooting for all of us, in our varied situations. There are a lot of variables outside of our control, and the truth is we are all deserving...
  10. That is for sure disappointing. Hopefully it's included in some form of your app under review and they can see the great work you were pursuing... I'm sure that counts for a lot.
  11. We should also be prepared for them to be late in releasing the results which happens often, so don't fret if end of feb comes and you haven't heard!
  12. I feel you. It's my first time applying for the post-doc but I never got the sshrc doctoral and I wonder how that might impact my chances (I did get other major awards, but less prestigious).
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