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  1. I'm taking the path as suggested by cyberwulf, and now doing a masters in Canada at one of the top 4. My two cents on why below, you may find it helpful: I also had a single NSERC RA, and similar grades from a decent but not top 4 in Canada. I got into all of the Masters programs you listed early in the admissions cycle, and was competitive for the CGS scholarship at each so I think you will be fine getting into those. I didn't send any applications to PhD's since I thought even if I had a chance, I could only increase that chance by doing the Master's first. I don't see the two years as
  2. Haven't received an award yet but when I asked they said I would be allowed to keep all my funding sources (TA/RA) if I wished. This is under a faculty of science.
  3. I just wanted to say that ARWU is an explicit formula based on publications (although 'top' journals are determined by survey) so I think Waterloo's size plays a factor there. Slightly biased because I just picked UBC over McGill and Waterloo for a masters, but I vote UBC for reasons already mentioned here unless you have a particular advisor in mind at McGill.
  4. Alternate at UBC for NSERC where I've already accepted my offer. Should I ask for my ranking?
  5. Good luck everybody 😃
  6. I can confirm I received an e-mail with April 15th at 8:00 AM eastern time as the new release time from NSERC.
  7. Minnesota should be very strong in high dimensional stats. Prof. Hui Zou goes without saying but I have also seen plenty of influential papers by Prof. Y. Yang from the same department. I think it's also the highest ranked of the US universities there on USNews.
  8. Declined an admissions offer so I was deemed ineligible, this was on March 30th. Sorry for the confusion. I received the same email as you on the 1st of April.
  9. What do you mean your status was updated? I've had one update (ineligible) since I declined an offer, and another "update" where the date/time changed but the application still says received by administrator.
  10. I decided against doing this today, since I couldn't convince myself that there was a reason beyond emotional labour and sheer boredom that I really needed to know by April 1st. That being said I still might do it sometime between now and the 15th.
  11. I received the same e-mail. Funny enough I also just received an email saying the status of my application has changed. I went to check and the updated time has changed, but the status has not.
  12. Thanks for the response! This is a kind evaluation - I definitely thought I was lacking in math background compared to others on here, and maybe needed a more well-known undergrad program to crack top 10.
  13. Hi all, I just posted this in the results thread. I'm pursuing a masters to strengthen my eventual PhD application, but I've always been curious where I could have ended up if I applied straight to US PhD's this cycle. Assuming a decent GRE score, what range do you all think I would've had a chance at? I suppose I would be considered international if applying to the US?
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