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  1. I don't know if this is of interest, but I've heard that some schools have announced they are no longer requiring the GRE for their psychology program applications, starting this fall (like U of T and Ryerson, but I'm unsure about the schools you've listed). I believe this in response to COVID-19, but is likely to stay for future years as well. I would reach out to these schools to see if they are following suit before deciding if you want to complete the GRE again!
  2. Got NSERC from Carleton and Ryerson! I'm going to Ryerson, so I've released my Carleton offer. Just to be a total sap for a second, three years ago I applied to a different masters program at three different schools and was rejected at all of them. After working towards my second degree in a field I finally feel passionate about, I was over the moon to receive grad school offers this time around. Getting NSERC has made me feel all kinds of things.
  3. How much contact have you had with your POI before these interviews? I haven't experienced this before, so this is purely speculation--but I imagine if you've spoken in depth with the POI already, it could be possible that they are set on working with you/got all the information they need already and don't have any other things to go over with you, and just need other committee member input.
  4. Just got this kind of message from a potential PI the other day! Yes, yes, and yes to this--I know they are trying to be extra kind, but a simpler rejection hurts less, please 😅 Do people follow up with the potential PIs who rejected them? Is this just a nice thing they say? Why do they want to know where I am going? Although a nice sentiment, it threw me off...
  5. Hi all! Anyone who went to the recruitment "weekend" at UBC, do you know how long after the interviews they'll start to send out acceptances/waitlists/rejections? I've noticed some activity on the results board so I figured I would ask before I start freaking out that I have not heard back yet lol! Thanks friends 🙂
  6. Hi all, has anyone heard anything from UBC Okanagan?
  7. I applied to the experimental psychology stream at York, so I don't know if this information directly applies to the Clinical program...but I had an informal interview with my POI the other day and they said that the department (I think? I can't remember exactly what they stated) will meet about this at the end of this week, and that applicants will likely be invited sometime next week. My memory of the timeline is hazy, but I think you shouldn't lose hope!
  8. This is really good to know, thank you! The waiting game continues...
  9. Thank you everyone!! I've emailed my prof and now have my whole body crossed hoping they read it on time. 😄
  10. Hi all, I am still waiting on one of my references (out of two letters) to submit their recommendation letter to a program, whose last day of document acceptance is tomorrow (Dec. 31st). This professor is my thesis supervisor, so their letter carries quite a bit of weight to my application. I was wondering if it is considered inappropriate/rude to send a reminder to my professor the day before/the day of (right before New Years...) politely re-stating the deadline for the letter? 😟 I'm also worried that they will not be checking their email over the holidays (understandably so) and a
  11. Hi! Thank you for your response, it's very much appreciated I am open to moving anywhere in Canada, so the location isn't so much of an issue! I have briefly looked into that program, and I'll take a closer look. However, the jobs that I would like to have in the distant future tend to require a PhD in psychology, and to be a registered psychologist--therefore I figured that to get there, I'd have to complete an MA and then a PhD in counselling psych. Unless I am mistaken, and I could pursue an MEd? I unfortunately don't have too much knowledge of the MEd stream, so any more insight wou
  12. Hi everyone! I'm reaching out on this forum in hopes that someone has been/currently is in the same boat as me, and has advice to provide. I recently graduated with a general BSc, and have been working as an RA in addictions research and was previously a support worker, since completing my coursework. After my experiences I'm strongly leaning towards pursuing counselling psychology as a career. However, it's rare to find a program in Canada that does not require you to have a bachelors in psychology to apply to their programs (and as much as I would love to look into clinical psychology
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