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  1. M246

    San Diego, CA

    I will be moving to San Diego to start a graduate program at Scripps. I am looking for a roommate, please contact me if you are interested.
  2. Hi, Has anyone heard back after the interview weekends at Mayo? I saw a few acceptances for the immunology track and was curious.
  3. Someone posted an acceptance for the immunology track yesterday, in the results section.
  4. Because of funding limitations some programs can only accept a certain number of students. As such, they will send out acceptances to that exact number and if someone doesn't take the offer they will send out another round of offers, they keep doing so until all spots have been occupied. This is what I have heard..
  5. I received that few weeks ago, got an email about yoga today..
  6. During grad school interviews, would it be appropriate for me to take notes on my ipad using the apple pencil?
  7. Hi, I am an international student and I have an interview at Scripps CA. I have not heard back from Emory or UChicago. I emailed UPenn and was told that all interview invites have been sent out. I also emailed WUSTL a few weeks ago and was told my application was under review. Emory never replied to my email... Hope this helps, Good luck!
  8. Any advice on comfortable yet professional shoes for females?
  9. Has anyone received their itinerary for the Feb 6-9 interview weekend yet?
  10. I have not heard anything from UChicago either. I did email the school a few weeks ago and was told that my application is under review.
  11. M246

    Interview advice

    Would it be possible for current life-sciences graduate students to give advice on interview weekends? What to expect, how to dress, acceptance chances after interviews and other relevant information. Thanks!! 😄
  12. Hi, Has anyone heard from the following programs: UT southwestern (Basic Biomedical sciences) University of Chicago (Immunology) Emory University (Immunology and Molecular Parthenogenesis) CU Denver (Immunology)
  13. Application under review for UChicago, CU Denver, and UT Southwestern. 🤞
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