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  1. Firstly, I think you should notify the three schools that you're not interested in that you will be accepting an offer elsewhere. Then, think about the schools with the best academic fit and cultural fit. I'd list the pros and cons, and consider the following questions. Cultural fit: Where will you be the most successful and happy? Where would you like to live the most? It seems like you might want to live in NYC, but consider that all the schools are in very different areas of the city. How do you feel about living in Virginia or Maryland? Academic fit: What school
  2. I am on the waitlist for the VGT track at Mayo Clinic. Has anyone else been waitlisted for this program? Did they indicate your position on the waitlist or chances of being accepted?
  3. Did anyone hear back yet on admission decisions?
  4. I'm interviewing for the program from Feb 26-28th, interested in microbiology/immunology
  5. Interesting, I got both emails in the same day. No itinerary yet
  6. I received an invitation to pick a recreational activity
  7. Do you have any advice for someone interviewing for Mayo Clinic fall 2020?
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