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  1. Tufts just sent their interview invite. I hope you hear back good news.
  2. I'm not an international. But, I haven't heard from Tufts either. They may send invites next week or at the end of this week.
  3. Probably that is the reason, but you will get it soon. I just finished my interview at Mount Sinai. Such a great experience.
  4. They sent an email with the link. When you click "open this guide" it gives you the option to download the app.
  5. Most of them had different weekend options that work for me. Also, for one of them, I had the alternative to schedule a Skype interview. Plus, I have two interviews scheduled back to back. I'm still hoping to hear back from one more which is on my top 3.
  6. I just heard back from UChicago (Cancer Biology), only one interview option.
  7. Have anyone heard back from University of Chicago (Cancer Biology)??
  8. Thanks. Yes, luckily the faculty members I have an interest in are available through Weill Cornell.
  9. Have anyone heard back from Einstein or UChicago (Cancer Biology)?
  10. I know some people already heard back from the program, but I am not sure if their invites are in batches or not.
  11. I saw in the results that some people received invitations for the Gerstner Sloan Kettering on Dec 18th. Do you know if they send it in batches or they already done sending invites?
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