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  1. Not recommended! E/E E/VG G/VG.
  2. the results got posted but not email yet
  3. I hope the results come up by tomorrow. We have waited for so long and I just hope tomorrow is the day 😬
  4. I think at this point they already sent back the applications that they feel like it was based on clinical stuff.
  5. Wishing everyone all the best on this application cycle.
  6. Yeah, you need to add keywords for the research proposal. you can add stuff that relates to your proposal (i.e I am using zebrafish as my model so I put zebrafish as a keyword)
  7. 1. I didn't upload my CV as pdf, but I added "honors and awards", "publications, and "oral and poster presentation" on the section they asked for our accomplishments. 2. You can submit the transcript once you add your school in the education section. There is a section on the right side that says "upload" once you add your school.
  8. Does that mean that the application can be written in size 11 or only the reference?
  9. Hello, I read the solicitation but I am still wondering if the reference section needs to be 12 points or if I could use 11 point for them. Do any of you know??
  10. I chose Einstein for many reasons: 1. Faculty - There are lots of faculties I am interested to work with and they showed interest in me. After interviews, I kept in contact with them via email and they were available to talk about their science, answer any questions, etc. 2. Environment - The collaborative environment between departments and faculties and students is phenomenal. 3. Career opportunities - They have a strong career center. They provide lots of workshops and networking events targeted for their students to expand their options. 4. Housing - Housing is VERY s
  11. Thanks, hopefully we all get the emails at similar time.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I hope you and your family recover from your loss. And I hope you do hear good news. No matter what you hear back, remember that submitting an application is a big accomplishment on its own.
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