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  1. passere

    Chicago, IL

    One of the reasons UIC grad students went on strike was because the minimum yearly salary was $18,000, which is absolutely ridiculous in Chicago. I make about $25,000 before taxes right now, and it's doable. Yeah, I get that. The times I've felt unsafe were walking through empty streets later at night, so being closer to campus or closer to well-trafficked areas could help.
  2. passere

    UCLA 2020

    There's so much Chicago here! That's very interesting.
  3. passere

    Chicago, IL

    I don't know what kind of taxes you would have as an international student, but if the tax rate is the same as usual for domestic students, you can calculate what you'd take home here: https://smartasset.com/taxes/illinois-paycheck-calculator I do know that $31,620 is a really phenomenal stipend for most programs in Chicago. Congratulations! I don't know about SSR particularly, but I know that in general, UIC housing isn't anything special. At the same time, that area is rather expensive for a grad student. I know the tri-Taylor area is popular for UIC students, or even a little more south in Pilsen or Bridgeport for more affordability. As student at UIC, you'll get a U-pass to use during the semester, so you can easily take the train or bus to campus (although it doesn't work outside the semester). If you look along the Blue Line train, for example, it would be a really quick commute.
  4. passere

    UCLA 2020

    I asked for more years of guaranteed summer funding, which apparently others have gotten in the past, and they said they couldn't do it. The only thing they've offered is a 6th year of TA funding. Except I've been told by current students that they always have a shortage of TAs, so they're offering me nothing but making it look like something. It's very frustrating. I've lived in Chicago all my life, and I can't wait to get away from the cold. I love the snow, but I'm so done with cold, miserable weather. Then again, earlier in my life I thought I'd never want to move somewhere without snow, so I get where you're coming from! Congratulations to you as well!
  5. passere

    UCLA 2020

    Is anyone else heading to UCLA this fall? I have to say, I'm worried about how finances will work on my stipend, but I'm excited for the warm weather! Worry about finances is what's stopped me from accepting my offer yet. It's such a big step to take, even though I'm super excited about the research there.
  6. passere

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    Congratulations everyone! I'm not one of the lucky ones, but I'll try again next year. Edit: The email I got wasn't even proofread XD I'm dead.
  7. passere

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    It's happened too many times already and we're not even an hour in XD
  8. I would be worried about the recession messing with admissions. I'm also really worried about cost of living, but there's no guarantee for repeat offers...
  9. passere

    Chicago, IL

    I can't give advice about Hyde Park, so feel free to disregard this first part. I stayed in places in Chicago where rent was $1000 per month during undergrad. My experience is in Bridgeport, and that was a very achievable price range for up to two bedrooms. If you have a car, though, even Bridgeport isn't far from UChicago. Unfortunately, my sense is that housing directly around the major universities (UChicago, UIC, Loyola) is more expensive in general, which is why UIC students end up in Bridgeport, for example. Something that will be applicable no matter where you rent in Chicago is that a lot of the rentals start at the beginning of the month, so trying to move in by the time the quarter starts could be a challenge if you arrive a month in advance. My partner and I have always used rental sites like apartments.com and Hotpads to find our places. I had my car all 4 years I went to school. That said, you certainly don't need one. The public transportation is awesome. If UChicago is like other Chicago universities, you'll get a UPass, which gives you "free" (it's in the fees) rides on CTA buses and trains while school is in session. If you do have a car, the best situation is if you could get a parking space with your apartment. Otherwise, you'll likely be stuck parking blocks away if you ever come home late. There's always parking though--you'll learn where to look, it's just not always convenient. My partner and I have one car between us, which is really an ideal situation.
  10. passere

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    You can download the awards from last year into Excel to run analyses on them, if you'd like. It's available if you search the past awards list. Going back to the programs question, I graduated undergrad last year and start grad school next year, so this is my first time applying (social science - sociology).
  11. My plan was to do my research in healthcare settings, which could be... concerning. There’s really no way of knowing how this will play out. Moving work to online has been a bit of a mess but at least I think we’ve got it figured out now it’s hard getting high schoolers to do homework online when they don’t even have to go to school... Seconding politicalsociology, how are you doing?
  12. I had mine last week and no one seemed overly concerned. Flights were rather empty; I had an open seat next to me for one. Has your department said anything about it? I know some have been canceled.
  13. Here are some questions to think about that are specific to talking to advisors: https://blog.ml.cmu.edu/2020/03/02/questions-to-ask-a-prospective-ph-d-advisor-on-visit-day-with-thorough-and-forthright-explanations/
  14. Thanks for the perspective! I really hope I'll be able to get accommodations for turning things in late sometimes. I never tried in undergrad (mistake) and I've heard stories of some people having trouble getting the accommodations they need. I'll also have to find new providers since I'll be going across the country. It'll be an adventure, for sure.
  15. If you haven't heard anything, it certainly can't hurt. Or that's how I would view it. It doesn't seem like you're likely to get anywhere with this professor, so there's nothing to lose by asking someone else. Maybe others have other perspectives? I've had professors who just never respond to me, even ones I have really good relationships with. Professors just forget to respond... quite often. For it to happen with your interview is just the worst time it could happen 😕
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