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  1. That significant drop in verbal for your first score seems not worth the slight increase in AW. When I applied I remember hearing that your writing samples are more important than AW, so focusing on those could be a better idea. However, I honestly don’t know how much top programs weight GRE vs writing sample.
  2. passere


    University of California Santa Barbara has announced the same 😕 https://www.soc.ucsb.edu/news-events/item/fall-2021-grad-admissions-deferred
  3. Oh, that's a really good point. Thanks for the tip! My partner starting remote would be a dream.
  4. Congratulations! Welcome to the club My partner is coming with as well. I'm hoping the economic situation won't make finding a job there impossible.
  5. I think it really is highly school dependent. For anyone in future years, I would recommend reaching out to the graduate student association at prospective schools to ask if they know what's usual. For example, I was told that they almost never will increase the dollar amount of fellowships, but they may guarantee summer funding.
  6. Definitely try to negotiate. Unfortunately, I didn't have a particularly strong position, only having one offer, but it's still worth asking. I was offered an additional guaranteed year of TA support, although they refused to give any extra summer support. When we went to visit days, a GSA representative said that in the past, students have negotiated for guaranteed summer funding, "top ups" during TA years to provide support equal to fellowship years (key for first year TAing, because the pay is low until you get experience), and permission to move fellowship years around. Like lkaitlyn said,
  7. Well, I've done it. I've committed to UCLA. It's a weird feeling... Maybe try asking current grad students for advice? The grad students in my department that I've talked to have been super friendly and helpful.
  8. I've been using this living wage calculator from MIT to see what costs will be like and this income tax calculator to see what taxes will be for my school. I don't have experience living in Michigan, but those can give you an idea if no one here can help out.
  9. passere

    Chicago, IL

    One of the reasons UIC grad students went on strike was because the minimum yearly salary was $18,000, which is absolutely ridiculous in Chicago. I make about $25,000 before taxes right now, and it's doable. Yeah, I get that. The times I've felt unsafe were walking through empty streets later at night, so being closer to campus or closer to well-trafficked areas could help.
  10. There's so much Chicago here! That's very interesting.
  11. passere

    Chicago, IL

    I don't know what kind of taxes you would have as an international student, but if the tax rate is the same as usual for domestic students, you can calculate what you'd take home here: https://smartasset.com/taxes/illinois-paycheck-calculator I do know that $31,620 is a really phenomenal stipend for most programs in Chicago. Congratulations! I don't know about SSR particularly, but I know that in general, UIC housing isn't anything special. At the same time, that area is rather expensive for a grad student. I know the tri-Taylor area is popular for UIC students, or even a little more
  12. I asked for more years of guaranteed summer funding, which apparently others have gotten in the past, and they said they couldn't do it. The only thing they've offered is a 6th year of TA funding. Except I've been told by current students that they always have a shortage of TAs, so they're offering me nothing but making it look like something. It's very frustrating. I've lived in Chicago all my life, and I can't wait to get away from the cold. I love the snow, but I'm so done with cold, miserable weather. Then again, earlier in my life I thought I'd never want to move somewhere without sn
  13. Is anyone else heading to UCLA this fall? I have to say, I'm worried about how finances will work on my stipend, but I'm excited for the warm weather! Worry about finances is what's stopped me from accepting my offer yet. It's such a big step to take, even though I'm super excited about the research there.
  14. Congratulations everyone! I'm not one of the lucky ones, but I'll try again next year. Edit: The email I got wasn't even proofread XD I'm dead.
  15. It's happened too many times already and we're not even an hour in XD
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