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  1. So exciting! I would start by talking with POIs and grad students at both places. They likely have the best grasp of what each program has to support your research interests. In my experience, I've found that most programs will be really honest with you about their strengths and weaknesses. They won't sugar coat, because they don't want you to commit to just end up disappointed/unhappy with what they have to offer later... Hopefully that'll provide some clarity. Good luck!
  2. Hi friends. Is there anyone else here that HASN'T heard back from JHU yet? I know they sent out some rejections today and they've already accepted people but I haven't heard anything.
  3. I think it can be a solid way to go as long as you're funded. The only concern I can think of (which stems from a lack of knowledge) is whether or not grad schools will look at your application with more scrutiny since you will be further along in the process. That might not necessarily be a bad thing though if you have a kick-butt thesis. Either way, just something to consider ☺️
  4. What do ya'll think when it comes to Minnesota vs. Indiana? Seems like both do similarly well in placement (Minnesota might be slightly better?) but the rankings are all over place. I'd be getting interdisciplinary training in population health at UMN but both seem like great options and fits. At this point does it just depend on which one I end up liking better?
  5. Thank you so much for the update! Not surprised, but still.. Boo. Glad they're notifying us though. Getting salty that some other places made their decisions a long time ago but still haven't sent out rejections. I'm sure they have their reasons but I'm getting impatient 😭
  6. I totally get that too. It might not matter in the end, but the one silver lining I could potentially see about this cycle is what smaller cohort sizes/some top schools not accepting could mean for placement down the line. I feel so guilty saying that, though. I think the world needs as many sociologists as possible... Really hope things work out for you both and you end up where you need to be!
  7. Do schools have to tell you you've been rejected? Or is it common to not get responses at all from some places?
  8. I'm sorry to hear this this cycle really has been unforgiving. Seems like everyone is getting fewer acceptances than anticipated. I don't know how many they're waitlisting but I hope UChicago works out for you
  9. That is my assumption as well, but I don't think anyone has been waitlisted either yet, so maybe there is still hope? I just want to know.... why do they take so long to send out rejections 😭
  10. Thank you all SO much for your insight/advice... The placement stats really help, and it's good to know I should focus on those more than ranking. I will definitely take a look at health insurance too!! There are so many factors to consider when making a decision, it's just overwhelming... πŸ˜‚ How did ya'll do it?? In the end, I just want to feel comfortable that the place I end up at has some good resources available for me to do the research I want to do. Might not even need to be an R01, but it's nice to know that could potentially still be in the picture.
  11. Hi friends! I'm probably getting too caught up now in the rankings game but am hoping other people are interested in discussing the topic as well.. So let's say I got into a soc program ranked between 10-20 on US news and then got into an ivy like Cornell or Yale. If both seemed like good fits for my interests and aspirations, would one be a better choice than the other regarding name recognition/status, etc? Would it matter? What about if I got into two programs ranked between 10-20. Would it matter really which one I picked if the fit was good? I'm not 100% sure what I woul
  12. Anyone know when we'll be hearing back from Minnesota?
  13. I didn't apply but I think that could be a good sign you're still in the mix of things and they don't want to let you go yet! A poster earlier had a theory about a "discreet" waiting list and I agree.. Especially during a cycle like this one. Good luck with everything !!!
  14. Does anyone know how typical is it to have to apply more than one cycle to get into a soc program?
  15. Agreed! I somehow got into IU but am anticipating rejections from places like WashU and UVA (not that they're not great programs). I saw someone who got into UCLA but not UCSD... It's just weird and I don't know if there is any rhyme or reason for it. But you are RIGHT it's not over !!! Two days ago I was convinced I wasn't going to get in anywhere and now I'm looking at apartments. Things change. Wishing the best for you and UN-L! πŸ‘
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