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  1. Expected but still stings thank you so much for reaching out to them oh well guess better go back to job hunting now
  2. So I guess I can safely assume that JHU’s offers were already sent out? I haven’t heard anything from them and there are three or four acceptance posts already..
  3. Guess we’ll have to wait until next week for results. Good luck everyone !
  4. Well looks like there are at least two acceptances on results page now.. and I haven’t heard anything from JHU. Guess I’m rejected 🙂
  5. No worries we are in the same boat. I’m down to three applications and I just hope I’ll have one acceptance..the waiting game is killing me.
  6. Just got rejected by UW Madison. Kinda surprised that there was no email...just a short message on portal. Congrats to those who were admitted.
  7. Anyone applied to U of Oregon as well? I’m wondering when we might hear updates. Perhaps I’ll email them later.
  8. Got my first rejection. (UT Austin) Congrats to those who got offers 👏 Hopefully I’ll hear some good news in the next few weeks.
  9. That’s good to know. So it is likely we will hear back from Ohio State and UT Austin this week. It’s gonna be a long and anxious week isn’t it...
  10. It’s extremely difficult not to check for emails every few minutes haha. I keep reminding myself that it is out of my control now and even if I got rejected, I’ll just find a job and reapply next year I suppose. COVID makes this cycle very competitive.
  11. I applied to OSU as well. But I haven’t heard anything and my portal is still pending. I think there are 3 or 4 acceptance posted already so I’m a little worried..
  12. I applied to UW Madison as well. I believe the department said we will hear from them some time in Feb. So no worries
  13. Applied for 6 programs and haven’t heard anything yet. Saw three OSU acceptances on the result page which I also applied for.. Guess I should be prepared for bad news :(
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