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  1. I'm considering rejecting, I think it's most likely that I will reject. Good luck!!
  2. Congratulations!! That's really amazing 🙂 Can I ask what your intended subfield is? I applied to both the standalone and JDP. No clue what my shot is but holding out hope...
  3. Anyone heard anything from Stanford?
  4. Good to know, thanks! Let us know if you do end up emailing someone
  5. This was based off of a single post, which could have been fake. The few rejections were around this time too though.
  6. I applied to Berkeley Demography and haven’t heard a peep. From last year’s results page, it was right about now that people started getting acceptances.... oof
  7. Have people received rejections from UCLA? I’ve seen enough acceptances to feel like they are more or less done extending offers (no real evidence so don’t trust me on that) and just sort of anxious to know for sure
  8. I honestly don’t know 😕
  9. FYI: I was told UChicago is making their decisions this week and students will be informed within two weeks, max three.
  10. Thank you, I had not previously chatted to any POIs. They do seem to be staggering the email notices though so don’t be too worried if you haven’t been contacted yet!
  11. Thank you so much this is so helpful!! If they did not offer any details (e.g. who will be on the call), it's probably not a good idea to email to ask anything is it?
  12. I didn't post it but also got an interview email from a POI. I didn't realize there would be interviews at all for the programs I applied to be honest and am feeling very unprepared. If anyone has interview tips I would appreciate!
  13. Thanks for making this thread! Was waiting to find other soc applicants to freak out with... I applied to 9 programs and would really love to not do another application cycle (although this is my first, and probably is a wild card cycle). Good luck everyone!!
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