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  1. I definitely don’t think you should get a PhD where they don’t even focus on your field 😞 who’d be your advisor who’d help you?? Who would you get your connections from? Seems connections are v important in academia...just things to think about! Besides, us having a fully funded masters is apparently rare! We should partake 😉
  2. Hi guys! I would like a little advice. I only got into one PhD program but I did get into one fully funded masters. Should I do my masters before my PhD so I can be a competitive candidate in two years when everything will probably have calmed down from COVID? Or should I take the PhD even if it’s a little lower in rank? What would you do??
  3. My heart goes out to everyone who had zero acceptances this year. Though I had only one acceptance and one waitlist, I know that means so much when it could’ve been zero. This cycle has sucked and it sucks that this is the year we naturally had to apply. Best of luck to everyone this is awful omg 😭😭😭
  4. Did you get an email or you checked your portal??
  5. okay I just wanna make sure; is the portal the same place we applied? I just go in and click on my submitted application. Is that right or is there another portal??
  6. Ahhh!!!! Maybe it’s not a glitch then!! I’m so sick of this. Lol
  7. Exactly reject me already 😞
  8. Right but also you were not interviewed right? I was interviewed 😕 so that might make a difference...if it’s a glitch how can we find out??
  9. No, people were informed yesterday that they were referred to MAPSS or just flat out rejected. I haven’t gotten anything
  10. Yes but why wasn’t I informed? Everyone else was. 😕
  11. I was....yeah I’m starting to think that’s what it is.
  12. Hi I did not receive anything either! Were you interviewed?
  13. Thank you so much for letting me know that!!!! Also I am so sorry. I’m about to be right there with you as soon as they freaking email me.
  14. Hi I’m sorry to bother you I know that rejection sucks so badly. Were you interviewed??
  15. ME! What’s going on!!!
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