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  1. Hey everyone! My situation in a nutshell: I was recently admitted to the MPH in Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia. It was freaking awesome because it was my long shot. I'm a Venezuelan activist and repro justice non-profit consultant (yes, it's complicated) and as you might imagine I don't have enough money to attend this term, so I ended up deferring my admission to fall 2020 to give me a year to figure out a very good scholarship or funding (+ get reconsidered to scholarships from the university). - Do you know any resources for scholarships to latinx international students? -- We don't have Fulbright anymore because we don't have US embassy anymore. - Any intl student who wants to share their experiences studying in the US and finding funding? Thanks a lot in advance, Génesis.
  2. Hey everyone! I've got some mild news. I got into these two universities for the MPH program (applied to the doctorate, admitted in the MPH) and they're not offering aid so far. I'm an international student (first generation college student and hopefully graduate(?))so I have a narrow idea of how these things work, so this is why I'm dropping some questions here: Any reference or experience on how the asking-for-financial-aid is within these two universities? Any recommendations? Which one tends to be more generous? The thing is I don't want to wait one year and apply because I know the outcome might be the same since I recently got hired in a position that involves more management than research. I also think that as an intl student I'll get more chances in the future if I get this MPH. Best, and happy decisions week!!!
  3. Hey there! I just got accepted into NYU public health masters, yay!? I applied for the Masters but I got derived to the MPH. They didn't offer financial aid and I'm super confused about 1. how to hm... start a convo with them saying that yes, in fact, it is a program I'd like to do but with any kind of FA I can't take it. 2. where do you find scholarships? I'm a first-generation college and(hopefully?) a graduate student. I'm not a citizen so I don't qualify for a lot of loans. Basically, I'm venting or freaking out. I hear your thoughts/advice.
  4. Nairel

    Hit me with your best meme

    I can't even talk about the fees
  5. Nairel

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Quick update in case someone is interested at NYU Public Health SBS Ph.D.: I got a rejection but my application was forwarded to the MPH. The admissions person said they are still interviewing people. Is someone here applying to CUNY MPH?
  6. Nairel

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    What department? I'm still waiting. Radio silence.
  7. Nairel

    Scream Thread

    [screams in caraqueño because damn it this is the worst ghosting ever] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. Nairel

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    This is soooo real, but anyway I also need to vent some worries and excitements: Worries: I'm an international applicant. This means that standardized tests are pretty new to me and well, although I've been working with US-based nonprofits on research assistantships for the past 4 years, my TOEFL scores were pretty mediocre. GRE... I can't even talk about it. I come from Venezuela, do you know how hard is to get your transcripts and paperwork from your university when they've been on strike for months + current political chaos + all my family is there + applications fees are too dam high y'all. I moved to Mexico because my J1 expired and not knowing what will happen next is scary. Excitements: after having worked for 4 years on public health projects I think this is the right moment to do it! I periodically read the coursework and I think YASSS this is what I want to learn!!! I also have good friends in the cities where the unis I've applied are located. I think that's a good thing to consider Best of luck to you all!
  9. Tis the season y'all. Send your best memes on acceptances, rejections, waitlists or radio silence.
  10. crafting clever responses to the rejections I haven't received yet is self-care.
  11. Nairel

    Scream Thread

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [screams in Venezuelan]
  12. Nairel

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    keep going! rejections do not define us A kind message from someone who is *still* waiting from all the unis
  13. Nairel

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Hey! thank you so much. At least it is good to have a little information when all I've got is radio silence 😧
  14. Nairel

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    Hey there! Just to ask about the prospective students day at NYU. How was it? did they send all their decisions or acceptances already? still waiting though * sobs *
  15. Nairel

    PHD Applicants: Fall 2019

    this was meant for @CanadaPhDProspective

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