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  1. Yes, hi! What are you going to study? (Corona willing)
  2. Has anyone on here gotten an acceptance? I'd love to keep in touch, especially since COVID is making me a bit anxious. Please feel free to DM, even if you are not comfortable posting!
  3. I don't think that should be the case: they may well be rolling out MPhil offers later, not least because those are more competitive (2/3rd of the Gates scholarships go to PhD scholars) so they may be taking more time with MPhil applicants. Also, from a purely logistical front, there is a separate link generated for each applicant to respond to, and I'm sure that takes some time to create. I don't think you should give up hope just yet! I'm quite positive more offers will roll out over today and tomorrow. All the best to everyone on this thread-- looking forward to meeting you later this year
  4. Oh no, Hahah, I didn't think you were prying! I was just confused because I thought: "?? Have I missed something?? Is my supervisor ... Not my supervisor??", hence the "?" at the end!! I love my supervisor's work, let me DM you!!
  5. Yeah, I already knew who they were going to be, owing to prior contact/I think my acceptance email mentioned this pretty clearly?
  6. To everyone grieving, I read this beautiful essay and it gave me some release. I hope it does for you too: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-coronavirus-and-the-ruptured-narrative-of-campus-life
  7. I got through Cambridge, English for a PhD, with the Gates scholarship! So excited for what comes next.
  8. @ishet have to agree with @mada34: I think the responses should be in waves, because this is a very unusual time. So just hold on! Just so you know, I was told in the email that my response time to confirm/decline was till Tuesday, or else it would be offered to someone else. So even if you don't hear on Monday, you will still hear soon enough, I'm sure!! All the best!!
  9. It could well be that they are sending out offers by panel-by-panel, so don't lose hope!
  10. Anyone else in the international round receive an acceptance? Got mine today! (Arts Panel, PhD)
  11. Hello! Nice to meet you too, and yes it is! So from what little I know of the grad admissions process in Cambridge, if you are being invited to interview, that is to rank you for funding. By the time you are interviewed, an acceptance has already been internally made. Based on how you are ranked by the department, you are nominated for the funds... But.if you are invited to interview, you are almost always ranked and nominated; how low/high is hard to predict and a rabbit hole not worth getting into... With the sample size of exactly me, the nomination bit has proven to be true, since I
  12. Here to join in the Gates-Cambridge interview invites, international round! I'm doing a PhD in English (Culture and Criticism).
  13. Hi, I am one of the PhD in English acceptances, and I was told that I was being put forward for funding when I was contacted by my POI, following which I had an interview with her. I don't know what the process is usually like, but I was very explicitly told that this is happening...
  14. How significant is the ranking difference between Rutgers and Northwestern for Comp Lit? Should I factor that in at all, or go with the better-suited POI/better-funded program?
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