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  1. Take it as a strong (although not definite) sign that you will be accepted! Mine with Chicago was a trainwreck and my partner claims his was too (although I don't for a minute believe him). I imagine others who were interviewed feel the way we do, too, so you should feel really great that yours went so well. According to partner's POI, decisions will be out by Wednesday, so I imagine they'll be spending Monday and Tuesday weeding out the mes and writing up funding letters to the yous!
  2. I have a friend at Notre Dame who has told me fantastic things – very kind and supportive faculty and cohort members, generous stipend, excellent pedagogical and professional resources.
  3. @urbanfarmer's interview tips are fantastic – I especially agree with their point about admitting what you don't know. I just want to add a few things that I desperately wish I had known before what I felt was quite a bad interview (that almost certainly squashed my chances at my dream school 🙃) 1. This may be obvious to you, but think of the interview as you pitching your work to the department. The point of the interview is to share your work with the faculty – both the past work you've done and future work you want to do – and to explain why you are excited to do that work at that particular program. I had no idea what kinds of questions to expect – did they want to get to know me better as a potential colleague? Did they want to hear about more ideas that didn't make it into my materials? Nope – they just wanted a better idea of how all of my interests fit together and some clarification of what I've done and what I want to do, research-wise. Our conversation never strayed from my SoP and WS. Talk about your past and future work in as specific terms as possible, rooted in arguments you have made and methods/avenues of research you want to pursue. 2. Review your statement of purpose and writing sample very carefully for at least a few days before the interview. Practice talking about them with confidence in very specific terms, and be able to explain how they link together. Do not waste time reviewing books/articles written by the faculty at that program. I spent far too much time doing this and didn't have a single opportunity to hint at my knowledge. I should have spent the time reviewing my own materials carefully. 3. As @urbanfarmer mentioned, do have questions prepared for your interviewers. But while questions about funding and placement may be welcome at some departments, I very much got the sense that my interviewers did not want to be asked about classes, placement, job support, teaching (whoops). They made it fairly clear at the end of the interview that I should have asked about the opportunities available to me within my specific field/subfield at the program, and what the work culture is like in those areas. I didn't think to ask about those things because I had already researched them well and I didn't want to seem like I hadn't, but in retrospect, I do not think it is necessarily a bad idea to ask questions you already know the answers to. For my next interview, I plan to begin the "question" section with "I'm really excited about University's program because of x opportunities in my Field. Would you mind talking a little bit about the opportunities and culture in Field at University so I can get a better sense of how I would fit in to your program?" 4. Similarly, when possible, throw in phrases reiterating that you are excited about and think you are a good fit for the program because of x. Only after my not very good interview did I realize I really just talked about me the whole time and made it seem like I didn't know or care about the program. I thought my understanding of the department's opportunities in my field and my fit with the department was evident from my statement of purpose, but in retrospect, I wish I had emphasized these things during the interview.
  4. Wondering if it's expected/appropriate to send a thank-you email to interviewers post-interview? I would ordinarily do this for a job interview, but not sure if this is the same game. (Mostly, I just want to hide in a hole for the rest of my life because I just had the worst/cringiest interview of all time!)
  5. Thank you so much, @merry night wanderer, @politics 'n prose, @Cryss, @theburiedgirl815, @Emailchecker! I am trying not to get too excited about this, lest I be disappointed post-interview (or if I don't even get offered an interview with Chicago, which IMO is likely). But it is a more encouraging start to the season than I had hoped for! Congratulations, too, to @karamazov!!!
  6. Thank you both!!! And I know, right!? We were just talking about that. I'm sure there will be many a divergence later on, but neither of us expected to even begin with the same results. We worked really hard to ensure that the programs we chose were good fits for us but also overlapped in location, so hopefully that will pay off!
  7. Edit: partner and I both just received interview requests!!!!! We are international so they've requested Skype interviews rather than inviting us to recruitment weekend.
  8. Yep - someone's just posted on the results board that they received one today.
  9. Woah!! Congratulations to you on this wonderful, early, and under-the-radar acceptance! You must be feeling so relieved and hopeful about the rest of decision season.
  10. Hm! All very intriguing. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about being on a possible long list, and although I think I'd be feeling the exact same way as some of you if I hadn't received the email yet, I also think it's too soon for anyone to go crying themselves to sleep! I've been digging through last year's thread and it looks like Chicago might send out interview requests in multiple waves, in which case it may just be that you haven't received your emails yet. Let us know – you might get an email tomorrow!
  11. Oh boy! That's exciting, if true – I applied to Chicago on a whim, thinking they would toss my application aside at first glance with a chuckle. I'm a Romanticist and my partner does C20/21 fiction.
  12. Hm – I wouldn't count yourself out yet! My partner and I are both living abroad, so it may well be that this was only sent to non-US applicants. I did notice that the times on the Doodle Poll were very generous to our time zone – I was expecting them to be in the middle of the night our time.
  13. Nope, not an interview request – it's just what looks like an email that was sent to all applicants (my partner applied as well and he also received it). It's a request to fill out a Doodle Poll for interview availability, saying that they'll be sending out interview requests on the evening of the 21st – but it says that not all applicants who this email was sent to will be receiving those requests. That suggests to me that this was sent to everyone and that they'll decide who they actually want to interview in the next week.
  14. Shellacked so hard by Chicago's interview email!!!!
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