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  1. I don't know anything about their Comp Lit department, but UC Irvine's English department is very well known for its strength in critical theory, and both Derrida and J. Hillis Miller worked there at one point. It could be worth a perusal.
  2. How is everyone handling citations/footnotes for things you're quoting in your SoPs? I want to paraphrase or allude wherever possible, but I think I'll inevitably end up with at least one or two short quoted words/phrases. I'm not sure if footnotes or citations are expected – all of the examples that I've looked at don't include them, but that's not to say they didn't omit their works cited page/footnotes when they sent me their statements.
  3. @Warelin – you sent me a few programs like this in a PM a while back. Any chance you could weigh in? I would also be interested in hearing any more that you know of that were like this when you applied, @Bumblebea!
  4. Thanks all! Upon further inspection, there are pointers on Oregon's website toward what their funding will look like. I've been getting thrown off by terms like "most students" and "are available" in place of language that states definitively that x fellowship or x GEship is guaranteed. My guess is that the $13,500 written on the funding spreadsheet was added by a student who was offered one of various first-year fellowships in varying amounts.
  5. Oh dear, I wish I knew what this hashtag means! The page you've linked me to appears to be a list of all the fellowships that the general graduate school of Oregon offers. Does this suggest that full funding isn't guaranteed to English PhD students and that students are instead available for any number of (very low) minor scholarships listed on this page?
  6. or is that frowned upon? I'm wondering about Oregon in particular – it's a great fit for me, but on the spreadsheet that @Warelin kindly shares with us, their stipend is supposedly $13,500 a year, which would definitely knock them out of the running for me.
  7. Is anyone familiar with Oregon's funding package? The $13,750 per year listed on the spreadsheet seems INCREDBILY low. @MeginAK – are you attending?
  8. Woah. Thanks for sharing – I was seriously considering Buffalo this fall... that's definitely out now!
  9. Would I email the DGS about something like this? The program in question lists an email address for the DGS and for a "graduate program administrator."
  10. The information in the PR book is, in general, out of date – it's what I used, but I wouldn't recommend it. It also claims that most of the questions on the exam are veiled identification questions when, in reality, they're mostly comprehension questions.
  11. This is helpful because it suggests that it won't be a huge deal if I have to combine a chapter and a half, offering a summary of what the rest of the other chapter does – although I'm hesitant to do this because the other two chapters of my dissertation are not very good, IMO. Did you also write a summary of what your dissertation as a whole does? i.e. where your sample fits into your larger argument?
  12. The programs I'm planning to apply to ask for writing samples that vary between 10 pages and 25 pages, and several of these ask for no more than the lower end, while others ask for no less than the upper end. This means I'll need to prepare different writing samples for most programs, with some coming in around 10 pages and others at 25. How have other people dealt with this in the past? The longest seminar paper I have from my MA is 12 pages and each chapter of my dissertation comes in between 12–15 pages. I can shorten a chapter if needed, but I am not sure how to handle the programs that ask for 20–30 pages. I don't have any single, standalone piece of work that is that long at my disposal, so I think I would need to submit a chapter of my dissertation plus the introduction, or a chapter of my dissertation plus half of another chapter. Neither seems ideal, especially because some of these programs ask for a "single, sustained piece of work." I don't think I have the time to write an additional 10 pages of new material that won't read as if I'm tacking it on to something that was already polished.
  13. I've been trying to get a sense for departments that are more formalist-oriented in general and these seem to be the ivies, for the most part. But I think I'll have to expand my definition of fit, as you suggest, in order to expand my range a bit.
  14. Urg. Venting here. I am trying to narrow down my list and the more I research and re-research, the more it becomes clear that there is a group of programs all in the top ten that are all perfect fits for my interests. Outside of the top ten? Eh, there are a few that I could make work, but it's a stretch (i.e. there are people working in my period, which can be said of every university, but there is no overlap at all in interest or methodology). This is really frustrating because I do not want to apply to this many uber-competitive programs.
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