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  1. i am so ready to be back in school. restaurant life 50 hours a week wears real thin quickly. but right now i'm reading john caputo's "against ethics" and judith butler's "frames of war" and having a good time with those.
  2. yay for housing! i'm not entirely familiar with the villanova area but am familiar with philly. and you have a great basketball team to go watch.
  3. hi to everyone and good luck! i struck out for ph.ds but had two masters program acceptances and am happily attending university of chicago starting this fall. the application cycle honestly took a bit of the light from my eyes for a moment but in retrospect, i think i was stressing myself out more than i needed to most of the time. i'm sure most of you have figured this out but if not, for the love of all that is holy, GET FEE WAIVERS WHERE YOU CAN. save money for the celebratory acceptance meal/cocktail/book purchase with which to treat yourself at the end.
  4. my place isn't close to campus at all but I've made acquaintances with people who have similar commutes to hyde park from my area so i feel better. still saying it's extra reading time and keeps me close to work/is bonkers cheap for our area. chicago on the whole is still amazing.
  5. it was so hard hunting from afar! i only got lucky because of my roommate being in the area beforehand. i still had to couch surf/short term with people before our lease started. good luck to you
  6. i made it halfway through before i had to return it and i found it infuriating because of the style/format. there'd be a beautiful half of a sentence... and a citation. i couldn't get invested because i kept stopping to google things. fine for non-fiction but i wanted to enjoy the actual prose more.
  7. it has been 70ish one day here, 50 and storming the next, then wildly fluctuating on a whim the next after that. i have no clue what to wear any given day. and i suppose i need to bug my mom to mail my thermal stuff sooner or later.
  8. i actually made it down to hyde park yesterday and i am in looooove with campus. and i signed my lease! so within a week, i won't be on a futon!
  9. registration isn't for a while but i know i have a required intro to critical thought/theory course, whichever russian course i place into, then i need to poke a bit through the catalog and map out a happy point between a schedule that fits me and is stimulating/fulfilling.
  10. it was hard, but i luckily got hooked up with a friend of a friend looking too and she found us somewhere that i absolutely adore as well through a private owner. we'll actually be a ways north of campus area but still an easy commute via metra. if you haven't checked out the maroon marketplace, that might be helpful if you're really eager to stay in hyde park. i had tried and it seemed most places didn't open up before july. i got the gig! 40 hrs a week starting tomorrow through september for a pop-up concept, and i explained my availability will of course change then but if we mutually work out there's potential room to stay on part time. i am SO excited.
  11. i'm in chicago already and couch-surfing until sunday when i can sign my lease and start moving in! it's been fun running around chicago for about a week now applying for jobs and touring apartments. i have an interview tomorrow with a super-renowned restaurant group for a server position and i'm crossing my fingers like crazy. i miss reading for fun/research, but it can wait until i'm settled. right now, i'm still in shock that i live here for the next two years. i'm so excited for you, @Bopie5- enjoy the summer :]
  12. i'm in the midst of finals and trying to apartment hunt at the same time because i'm moving up to chicago in a few weeks. luckily, a good friend already lives in the area and has been touring and meeting with landlords. i'm working on getting a summer gig lined up serving/bartending at a fantastic pub and have another opportunity for a career forming in the pipeline! just had my last night at my crappy job and i feel like i lost ten pounds. i'm currently reading a book called journey by moonlight by a hungarian writer, and i'm really enjoying it. i came across it in the stacks looking for another book, and went with this instead. my last week or so here should be relaxing. my brother's birthday is during my graduation weekend, so i'm going to skip walking and just celebrate my brother and hang out with my friends and family. that was a lot. it's been a long month.
  13. nice! and eesh, i've only been through midway but know i wouldn't want to be stuck in either airport there. ended up taking the 2 year chicago maph option. turned down another offer but a combination of things made this the best option, mostly for language studies and a potential post-school career move. and super cheap rent! i guess i can deal with the bears/blackhawks/bulls for two years.
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