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  1. i really want to stay where i am (my rent is cheap and i'm out of work for now and do not want to move) so just applying to hopefully stay at chicago or possibly northwestern. looking at a few other places out of state but ugh
  2. just turned in my masters thesis. what is this feeling.
  3. i know 2020 is still hearing back and making decisions about places, but it's never too early for us fall 2021 folks to start thinking/commiserating. i'm at university of chicago doing a 2 year masters with a focus on cinema/media studies and secondary track in russian language and media. my interests are nationalism, new/digital media and online subcultures, memes and meme aesthetics, and kitsch/irony studies. i am not enthused about doing the admissions process all over again but i actually feel like i know what the hell i'm doing this time, so let's see!
  4. likewise, i'm glad you're having a good time. i'm hoping to stay at uc but also am applying (or plan to apply) to northwestern, syracuse, brown, and maybe minnesota so far. how about you? i'm happy to make a thread
  5. chicago has been an absolute blast, current situation aside. i'm really happy here and won a flas fellowship for next year so i'm super excited. and oh you know it.
  6. i just stopped shuddering when i see/hear the phrase "statement of purpose" and now it's almost time to start the dance again! (also, hi @Bopie5! hope villanova is treating you well!)
  7. was notified last week that i got flas at uchicago! congrats to other recipients
  8. i'm a current MA student applying for funding for my 2nd year. it'll be my fourth year of russian study. i'd be over the moon to get funding and stipend so i can work less.
  9. congrats! i'm a current maph tlo student studying film and russian. the quarter system took some getting used to-- ten weeks goes by quickly. the program itself is very structured with a lot of support. i'm grateful to be staying a second year. you should be hearing from tlo soon. message me with any questions.
  10. we're turning in finalized proposals this week at uchicago. mine is about vaporwave vs "sovietwave" imagery (just vaporwave but russian, with soviet imagery) and how nostalgia is conveyed in them. i'm on the cinema and media studies track with a second concentration on russian language. full of anxiety because of my courseload and workload on top of reading and refinining this proposal but so far so good.
  11. i am so ready to be back in school. restaurant life 50 hours a week wears real thin quickly. but right now i'm reading john caputo's "against ethics" and judith butler's "frames of war" and having a good time with those.
  12. yay for housing! i'm not entirely familiar with the villanova area but am familiar with philly. and you have a great basketball team to go watch.
  13. hi to everyone and good luck! i struck out for ph.ds but had two masters program acceptances and am happily attending university of chicago starting this fall. the application cycle honestly took a bit of the light from my eyes for a moment but in retrospect, i think i was stressing myself out more than i needed to most of the time. i'm sure most of you have figured this out but if not, for the love of all that is holy, GET FEE WAIVERS WHERE YOU CAN. save money for the celebratory acceptance meal/cocktail/book purchase with which to treat yourself at the end.
  14. my place isn't close to campus at all but I've made acquaintances with people who have similar commutes to hyde park from my area so i feel better. still saying it's extra reading time and keeps me close to work/is bonkers cheap for our area. chicago on the whole is still amazing.
  15. it was so hard hunting from afar! i only got lucky because of my roommate being in the area beforehand. i still had to couch surf/short term with people before our lease started. good luck to you
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