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  1. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    Thanks! I'm mad that I didn't check Northwestern's policy of not requiring scores. Would have used that free report elsewhere.
  2. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    thanks, y'all. i'm just amped up with anxiety. i'm having to cut schools from my list because i just can't swing sending gre scores plus application fees so i feel an extra crunch to get everything perfect. perfect storm of financial issues all at once means crossing my fingers and hoping for a fee waiver just isn't an option.
  3. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    my writing sample is around 15 pages, but my #1 program says "approximately 20 pages." they'll take two papers adding up to 20, but prefer one paper. do i find 5 pages of stuff to add... or take the chance?
  4. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    oh, WOW i wish i had known about this sooner. that sounds absolutely fantastic.
  5. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    What is that?
  6. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    Have one LoR writer who wants to see completed SoPs Friday. I have one almost done, sketches of the other 7/8. Whittled down programs based on funding/my interests somewhat shifting, and may apply to a few film studies depts rather than English but am also afraid of the job market afterwards. Oh boy. Good luck, WildeThing. You're my hero for being so on top of everything.
  7. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    I hate when it says subject test "recommended but not required." I can't take it that morning at all but feel like I'm losing out.
  8. jadeisokay

    The Inside Scoop (database?)

    i have a bunch of questions for upenn comparative folk (and much appreciation!)
  9. jadeisokay

    2019 Applicants

    here! took the gre twice, not bothering with subject. currently in undergrad with may graduation, narrowing down my school list and starting to get SOP outline going. i'm primarily applying to comp lit programs with a handful of MA programs. my interests are russian/slavic literature and aesthetics/formalism, modernist studies, historiography... all sorts. i am terrified.
  10. question for anyone about letters of recommendation- if we particularly excelled in a grad student's class and know they would write a positive letter, are they acceptable sources for an adcom? they're at least a 3rd/4th candidate and instructior of record for the class. i have several other options but am just curious.
  11. @TeaOverCoffee ETS is graciously allowing me to retake the test for free because of the technical issues even though it was outside of the 7-day reporting window for issues. i think the sitting and waiting threw me off. i have no problem with essays (if there were ever a more obvious statement on this forum...) but i have a week-ish to look over how to improve my score. hopefully my verbal stays in the same range. i was so surprised at that score.
  12. my testing center had technical difficulties during the essay portion of the gre, and i regret not filing a complaint. i scored 160 verbal, 130something in math, and a whopping 4.0 on the essay because i had to re-write one entirely after the server crashed. should i retake? that $200 is going to hurt :/
  13. i'm a year out from finishing undergrad so i'm starting the app process and just took the gre, but i'm asking the same questions of myself. everything i'm really interested in feels both too broad and too niche and weird and just when i find a link or something that seems to tie it all together, i feel as if i find a thread that undoes it. i think it's a good thing perhaps that you feel something is missing-- at worst, you just didn't know research has been done in the "missing" area, at best you've discovered some link that needs more work done on it, and overall it means you're inquisitive enough to know there's perhaps more to the subject than what you're reading? (forgive me if this is horribly worded- i've had a few beers.) (i also totally feel the same way as your post, entirely)
  14. bumping an old thread, but the GRE. SUCKS. my fee waiver so very generously covered 50% of it, but 50% still makes the test 100 bucks. and there were technical difficulties. i lost a paragraph of the essay and two/three minutes due to the server crashing. thanks, gre! poor website design and poor wording on said websites are absolutely maddening. if it takes me more than three or four clicks to get to graduate funding, or at least a preliminary explanation of the funding, i get a little nervous.
  15. jadeisokay

    Fall 2019 PhD Applications

    @punctilious hah, i'm in the same boat with recommendation writers- i've had a russian professor for two semesters in a row and he's kind of my go-to for a lor. if it's okay, can i pm you at some point too with questions? @parksandrec do you have some longer papers from other classes? i won't be writing a senior thesis until spring of 2019 so i'm using a paper from my film seminar.

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