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  1. i can help with living in gainesville, if anything, apologies for not having answers for anything else. moneywise- lawrence is probably cheaper. apartments are strangely expensive in gainesville for a college town- a lot of "luxury" units that are anything but, with low-quality amentities and lots of noise from rowdy undergrads. also, getting around anywhere without a car can be tough on weekends and during school breaks if you aren't immediately near campus. if you have guaranteed summer teaching, though, that's really great. i had a handful of grad students as instructors and they seemed to
  2. good luck to everyone applying! i want to reiterate that you are not your acceptances or rejections! you are wonderful inquisitive people
  3. yeah, i'm probably applying. going to have to scramble because i assumed that they weren't for, oh, a month.
  4. i don't think i'm applying this cycle. i'd love to work with whitney phillips at syracuse if i somehow got in but don't think my mental health can take the hit of moving in what i feel like will still be a pandemic.
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y-YPJpVstjndLOUun_x_OeJ32FZ_fKwDMSpmUQ-N4JU/edit?usp=sharing this is editable by anyone. please add a link to a department/graduate admissions site if/when you can! also, i added different sheets for related disciplines (rhet/comp, comp lit, film/media.) feel free to add sheets and info on there.
  6. I'm making a spreadsheet now. I'll add a few entries and post the link here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y-YPJpVstjndLOUun_x_OeJ32FZ_fKwDMSpmUQ-N4JU/edit?usp=sharing should be editable by anyone
  7. every program in northwestern's comm school is listed in the ph.d app except for the one i was going to apply to. unless it appears later this week, not sure if i'm applying anywhere this year now.
  8. uc is in a few headlines for the english dept news. lots of fun explaining to folks how ph.ds and academic subfields work!
  9. it's kind of frustrating trying to work on writing samples and statements of purpose when programs haven't officially announced if they're accepting applications or not yet.
  10. @Bopie5 i had to laugh, to outsiders your message would probably seem nihilistic but for those of us in this... unique situation... we call grad life, "everything is literally precarious and a crapshoot but your undergrad doesn't matter" is very sweet and positive and uplifting.
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