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  1. Hello! Just wanted to check in on the new application thread I can't imagine planning applications in such a strange time. It's already strange enough being a grad student in quarantine (aside: I really cannot wait for in-person instruction when it's safe to do so), but to apply during this? I genuinely wish all of you the best of luck. Some of the stories I've seen about funding situations when it comes to graduate offers, etc. have been frightening. I truly have no idea what the admissions landscape will look like for Fall 2021. I'm pleased to see some familiar names as well. @Bopi
  2. Hi all! Checking in to see how folks are doing this in strange, strange time. Never in a million years did I ever expect 2020 years to turn out like this. I'm especially saddened for all of you and the future Fall 2021 cohort, going into grad school with this much tumult is something I cannot imagine. Even in the best of times, the process of applying and deciding whether or not to go accept a program's offer was mentally taxing without the pressures of anything external. I vividly remember experiencing a strong case of cold feet and 'should I or should I not' before I started my first quarter
  3. The overall timeline of when Irvine sends interview notices is one I'm not sure of. There is an implication it seemed to be spread out over a few days (according to last year's timeline: January 30th to Feb 2nd? And this is extrapolating from the results board). Don't lose hope immediately if you don't get an interview notice or any communication from Irvine. They seem to contact in waves, since someone I talked to in recruitment last year was notified a day earlier than me iirc I'd watch your inbox for this week, but if you get no contact from Irvine about anything by next week or late F
  4. Congrats again!!! Looks like the same process as last year was used this year. This goes out to you and to any Irvine admits this year that are lurking the GC boards, I'm happy to answer any questions about the dept/grad student life as a 1st year.
  5. Congrats! Good luck on the interview. Being contacted for this is an extremely good sign. Fingers crossed.
  6. Did this measure actually pass? Edit: in my panic seeing these proposed changes again I blanked on reading the last part lol. I'm doing my taxes right now and I'm getting conflicting information as to whether or not I should count my two quarters' worth of remission as income or if I should just input just the stipends I've gotten. All tax projections I've done (with tuition remission + stipend) do show that my liability shouldn't be too huge (though CA tax is another question). I am eligible for the Lifetime Learning Credit, so that's one tax credit down. I can't help but wonder if the a
  7. Both. My program's DGS acknowledged out loud that string of tweets from Yale's DGS, and I believe that UCI's seen an increase in applicants as well.
  8. I just want to give everyone encouragement in these times. If you don't have a specific project or a definitive method, that is okay. While yes, strategic specificity is key in things like the SoP, nobody here is expected to produce a dissertation prospectus. It can be incredibly helpful to have a project, but the projects in an SoP are going to be tentative and indicative of a direction than the play-by-play that programs will expect from you after qualifying exams. I came into grad school with some ill-defined notion of a queer archive that, while I have it in the backburner, is a proje
  9. @Lblack Congrats!!! UCR English is a wonderful department. I'm an undergrad alumnus, but I maintain contact with my thesis advisor and I visit from time to time. I can't speak much to the department from the grad student perspective but I'm happy to field questions about the department. Best of luck, and I'm also happy to see another SoCal resident
  10. Just got accepted to Disjunctions! If anyone here has applied to that particular graduate conference, I'm happy to talk. I'd be happy to chat and hang out at Riverside. It's surreal to be going back and presenting at my alma mater. Looking forward to seeing faces new and old. I'll be presenting on Reginald Shepherd and his self-portraits. With that, I think that's my 2019-2020 conference plans wrapped up. I originally planned on NeMLA being my last conference for the year, but I lucked out on both Disjunctions and ALA taking place in SoCal.
  11. I can affirm what @thoreaulymodern said and vouch for the DGS. I was contacted for a brief interview by an adcom member. By mid-February, I got the official offer letter. Following last year's timeline, it's still a little bit early for UCI English. I got my interview notification at 1/31, and did a phone chat the next day.
  12. Wonderful idea for a thread! Thanks for starting this @digital_lime I'm also presenting in NeMLA this year! Let me know if you want to plan a meet-up or chat. I'm also planning on going to the ALA this year. An abstract of mine just got accepted this morning. For anyone wanting to meet up in San Diego this coming May, I'm happy to talk.
  13. Had quite the admissions related fever dream a few nights ago that I hope will help distract people, even if for just a bit, from the agonizing wait that is decisions. I was just recovering from a sudden bout of the flu that came on as the Winter quarter was just starting. I got home one night with my head pounding and wanting to sleep. I was expecting to sleep at around 10pm, but an hour before that I wanted to lie down and close my eyes for a second. There was no way I was going to do extra work as I spent most of the day socializing, and talking for hours usually tires out my brain fai
  14. Congratulations to everyone who has received interview offers thus far! This is a very encouraging sign and it could lead to wonderful things down the line. For those that are sitting on silence so far, I want to stress that this is only the beginning. For those applying to UC Irvine or UC Riverside this cycle, I'm happy to field questions about the departments and the cities for both. I'm currently in the midst of wading through seminar coursework and my research so I'm not sure what the admissions committee for UCI is doing sans reading the apps right now. If the schedule and procedure
  15. Reporting from California here. The stipend is fairly livable. I'm currently on fellowship for $21,000 over a 9-month payment schedule, with a $3,000 summer stipend to come. On a month-to-month basis, that's about $2,300/month during the academic year give or take. I do have to preface that I am both single and my hometown isn't too far from Irvine, so the move-in costs were not nearly as large versus needing to move from someplace else that's much farther. As far as rent... I'm currently paying about $800/month for my 2 bed 1 bath unit in one of the on-campus apartments, with our own roo
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