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  1. ArcaMajora

    2019 Applicants

    Also very excited for the upcoming Fall too Actually getting more real as the days pass haha. I've gotten first signs of life from UC Irvine post-4/15. It won't be long til I get my institutional e-mail, housing assignment, and I just submitted my request to enroll for English seminars for the upcoming Fall. If everything falls through, I'll for sure know my schedule and living arrangements my mid-June or July. Can't believe I can call myself an official graduate student. It's surreal. Excited for all of you as the summer progresses. This really is only the beginning of a journey tbh.
  2. ArcaMajora

    UC Irvine Fall 2019

    Likewise PhD in English right here. Can't wait to meet you all!
  3. Will be listing out my current research moodboard I'll also add some other resources. My work is primarily within 20th/21st C American poetics and queer theory. If you want to collab, send me a PM. I'm always looking for more opportunities to explore literary research beyond my field. Right now, I'm working on multiple projects. My larger project/overarching goal is tied to my SoP, which is the proposal of a queer poetic archive. The very basic aims of this larger project/line of thinking is to examine what happens by studying queer American poetics as a collective and also centering such poets in academic discourse. I especially utilize the term 'archive' as a rhetorical move to document and also contemplate the turn towards the archive in queer and literary study. What does it mean to place poets such as Hart Crane, Elizabeth Bishop, and many others as the primary voices in an archival study? (archival in the literal, literary, and rhetorical sense) And what does it mean to contemplate that a living, active 'queer archive' exists when such a term might very possibly be contradictory? And more importantly, what happens when we place queerness (especially queer poets) in the center of contemplating the archive? (can queerness be archived?) It's a very fluid project atm, but this is the 'what's at stake' behind everything I'm doing. I'm currently actively researching on Frank Bidart, coming out narratives, the queer lyric, and queer language/queer coding. Additionally, I'll also be presenting on Hart Crane and Wallace Stevens this weekend, a geographical study of the poetics of Key West (Idea of Key West and Key West: An Island Sheaf) and the implications of that location from a post-colonial approach. A possible expansion of the latter project will very possibly involve Elizabeth Bishop. A resource I'm looking into: ONE Archives at USC (if you want to study a queer archive, this is one of the places to go. I believe they offer fellowships too) I am also looking into presenting either or both at SAMLA and PAMLA this year. SAMLA is currently accepting CFPs rn so if you're down to be in Atlanta, here it is: https://samla.memberclicks.net/samla-90-cfps PAMLA will be in San Diego this year, check out their page: https://pamla.org/2019 I'll have more specific info once I'm settled into my program. This is just the stuff I've gleaned in my free time while waiting. Hope this helps
  4. ArcaMajora

    Turned Down Offers Thread

    @hgtvdeathdrive Congrats on making your choice and many, many congrats on Buffalo Poetics Also gonna re-affirm what many others have said here. CoL is one of the most important things to consider and one funding package isn't always equal to another, especially when you consider the local area. There are some schools I considered applying to that were high-flight and were in theory, fantastic, but the fit + the cost of living wasn't there. Buffalo, from what I've seen, has a very, very reasonable CoL. Their base stipend can take you very far. I'm deeply invested in the study of poetry and Buffalo was one of my top choices this cycle. Some of the work that goes into the poetics program is astounding. In terms of both creative and scholarly output, it's one of the most appealing programs in the Northeast in my eyes. I've seen their class offerings for the upcoming year and I would love to be right in the middle of that discourse, especially under the auspices of Cristanne Miller, Stacy Hubbard, and Steve McCaffery. As far as poetics, it's cutting-edge. The only reason why I turned Buffalo was because my eventual final choice fit my project/trajectory a bit better, was also a waitlist so nothing was guaranteed, and I don't have the resources to make the move to NY as a Californian (still pretty young so hugely dependent on family). Either way, many congrats on your final choice!
  5. Welcome to Grad Cafe! I did not apply during the senior year but our undergrad timelines/inclinations looked very similar. I too was in a similar boat (I contemplated graduate school, hell, even joined this forum as early as sophomore year of undergrad). This is definitely a personal choice, and it's one of those things where there isn't really a right universal answer. From what it looks like reading, the professors that know you the best also understand and are supportive of your plans to apply during the senior year. I concur with the other posters. It's definitely not a bad idea to go straight with it if you've thought about the pros and cons for everything. It sounds like you have and you've already got the ball rolling. I'd definitely give applying now a shot, and also definitely contemplate the excellent posts (especially bwriteshere's post) written here. They've all hit on the salient points about applying from undergrad. Gap year or not, going through this process is going to be financially and emotionally expensive, stressful, and at times hair-tearing. However, you also learn a lot during this process. Personally speaking, I learned the granularities and trajectories of where my research was heading. I feel a lot more closer now to answering the question of 'what's at stake' for my research than back in mid-2018 where I was only just starting to piece together my SoP. Regardless of what the outcome would've been, I definitely feel that I've grown as a scholar by contemplating what schools fit with my research questions and my project and trying to articulate that into a research agenda via the SoP. The key word is fit. If you feel like you can demonstrate that fit with your chosen universities applying as a senior year, then I definitely concur with the professors who you trust the most. As far as a gap year, there are definitely pros and cons to it. The main pro for me was time away from school and time away from sustained academic writing. I was burnt out (I'm happy to share via PM why, external and personal circumstances happened) by the time I graduated, and I just didn't feel ready to head back so quickly. I needed time and space to block academia out to get my bearings together and to find balance again. With how things panned out this cycle, I feel far more refreshed and excited to head back, even if I am kinda frightened of the re-adjustment. One con is definitely what sugilite mentioned. Being in a gap year can get really dull at times, which does exacerbate that waiting period from January-April. However, agreeing with what sidmeier has said, graduate school and especially graduate school admissions is a crapshoot for anybody who applies. There are people that have applied both during undergrad or have taken a few years off that have been widely successful just in this cycle alone. Regardless of when, the results are going to be a variable across all contexts (from a widely successful season to being shutout). If you feel you've got your chances maximized and know that you can produce the best SoP and WS with your current support system, go full steam ahead. Pretty sure a Fall 2020 thread should be popping up once us Fall 2019ers are fully done with this cycle. Good luck with planning your graduate school applications, you're definitely doing this at the right time.
  6. ArcaMajora

    2019 Applicants

    Woke up today to find out that a paper of mine just got accepted into a conference :') Incredibly excited to do this, especially right before I start graduate study.
  7. ArcaMajora

    2019 Applicants

    @arbie (CONGRATS ON MADISON!) ngl I've been trying to figure out the assigned colors for names and if they were like little signs, randomly assigned by letter/year, etc. It's pretty fun to see all the variations. I've changed my GC handle recently and got the same one as you, burnt orange. Looks like I got resorted. Burnt orange As represent. I remember my old handle was... bright green? I did not apply to any schools that were green tho lol
  8. I'd love and be so afraid of this happening. This is making me think of an academic Tinder ngl. (journal submissions Tinder? watch editorial boards swipe left on article submissions real quick) Imagining the volume of swipe lefts graduate committees would do under this system and I just unleashed the saddest laugh.
  9. ArcaMajora

    2019 Applicants

    Following Bopie's example (also @Bopie5 CONGRATS ON THAT VILLANOVA ACCEPTANCE! I am sending so many vibes to the funding deities that you get great funding) and also sending e-mails requesting feedback. Sent an e-mail to University of Washington, fingers crossed. It's tempting to send an e-mail to Yale and UCLA but my gut tells me to leave the schools be, and no e-mails to either Columbia or Cornell since the application volume must be high O_O (and as an addendum, Cornell's rejection letter makes it clear that it was the final receipt of any results. of all the ones I received... I believe UW does allow questions)
  10. Chiming in on the gap year. I've been out of school for one year now and I don't feel as if it's negatively impacted me at all. If anything, it's only reinforced how much I want to be in academia and how much I want to do this kind of work again. I've also been universally told that the gap year/(s) can only be a good thing, with some profs even emphasizing that I take more than just one year off. I only took one year off as a disclaimer however, so I still felt the halo effect of being part of an institution and arguably I don't think I quite took as much time off as I should've. However, that's water under the bridge now. Even as short of a time as a year away from the late-stage undergraduate work I did has allowed me to look back at what I've done with a far more critical lens and it's only helped me in figuring out the larger rationales behind my work. The summer and the fall before I really started to write materials in earnest was productive because I turned off that little tape recorder in the back of my head about academic work. Being away from academia and from a college campus gives a perspective that I don't think I could've gotten had I tried to go into graduate school straight out of undergrad. The project I proposed in my SoP is a much different beast from the undergrad thesis I wrote, and I don't think I could've conceived of that kind of SoP right in the middle of trying to juggle a thesis + other research projects related to undergrad seminars in my senior year. Speaking personally, I was burnt out during the earliest period where I could've applied to graduate school. Half of my CV wasn't even put together by the time I would've sent applications out. I would've had one presentation, and while I had an informal research agenda at that point, it would've been too tied up and bungled up with the work I was doing at the time. Also, way too many personal circumstances happened during senior year which would've made for a graduate application season catastrophe (emotions in flux due to excessive job-related and life stress during the Fall quarter and a family emergency right around the time when decisions would've been released). I'm hesitant to speak on my abilities (I could've surprised during the Fall 2018 cycle just as much as I could've faced a shutout, I'll never know), but that's a what if that'll never be answered. I can only speak for a circumstance in which the gap year was only one (but even for longer gap years, I can't imagine it hurting at all. As I think about this, I've seen a lot of value starting PhDs with a few years off to have non-academic work experience, save up to supplement the stipend, etc., but I feel as if it didn't hurt me at all. I felt right at home during my campus visit and I feel refreshed in a way I didn't feel even as a first-year undergrad.
  11. Made the choice back in late Feb, but seeing official transcripts come in and talking with a POI yesterday via phone is solidifying it further. Learned even more research possibilities (bless this POI for letting me know of the ONE Archive's existence, and if I time things right the drive there from Irvine isn't too onerous) that excite me even more about the school. Adding to the UC love, committed to UC Irvine for the upcoming Fall.
  12. ArcaMajora

    Campus visit thoughts?

    Even after a few days of letting the information pore into me, my visit to UCI definitely felt like a 2-day information overload that I'm still processing through. It definitely re-affirmed to me that the PhD path is what I want to do, and I can't describe just how invigorating it was to be back in a college campus again after a few months of floating around and waiting at home. The whole department was incredibly cordial and I feel as if I learned much, much more from the program on the ground than I ever could from a website. These visits really do seal the deal and it's only now that I see why people say that these visits do crystallize that final decision and make it much more clearer. There was definitely lots of smiling involved lol, and it felt pretty overwhelming throughout. If there was one thing I wish I did, I kinda wished I let myself have the chance to de-compress for a tiny bit instead of feeling the need to attend all the things (the afternoon of the 2nd day turned my conscious into living gelatin). I can't complain too much however, all of the events were engaging from beginning to end. Basically, can't be any happier
  13. Been meaning to respond but the chaos of waiting during February prevented all of that lol. My first acceptance was... It happened in steps and it all started in January 31st. Basically was caught in surprise and was e-mail watching obsessively for most of these. 1st: I got an e-mail from someone in the admissions committee asking for a phone call. Nearly fainted seeing this e-mail, wasn't even doing anything at the time except talking to my SO. 2nd: I get the actual call with the verbal/unofficial acceptance a day after. I managed to get through the phone call but I probably sounded incredibly breathless. 3rd: Then I get the official letter from the department alongside my funding package 14 days after the phone call. This letter is what kept me sane through the sea of rejections. 4th: Then 9 days later I get the official okay from the Graduate Division and the option to actually register. This is where I actually let myself get excited lol. (I was hyped but my mind made up these scenarios of 'omg but what if' that messed with me all throughout last month). Registered a day after and can't be any happier to know where I'm going
  14. ArcaMajora

    2019 Applicants

    Just did my campus visit for UCI a few days ago. I loved, loved, loved it and it was an incredible experience for 2 days (if anyone there visited and haunts grad cafe, this is the American poetry guy speaking). It was non-stop so there was exhaustion by day 2 lol, but it was the good kind of exhaustion. Basically re-affirmed my final decision. It just felt... right. Good luck to everyone still waiting Rooting for all of you as March rolls on.
  15. ArcaMajora

    2019 Acceptances

    Ran out of reactions but congrats!!! I've heard only good things about UCSC, (also you can never go wrong with their mascot.)

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