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  1. You are definitely not alone in this! I have taken to placing my phone out of reach at night to prevent myself from constantly checking my email. I have also been (attempting) to restrict myself to checking only three times a day (morning, lunch, and before bed), though some days are more successful than others. I do highly recommend a nice cup of tea before bed for relaxing vibes! Honey and chamomile is a personal favorite of mine
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one dreaming about them. Last week I dreamed that a school wanted to fly me up to talk about my application, then they sat me down and took turns roasting my app materials before sending me home. Good times haha
  3. Yeah, I just checked again too and mine are still MIA. I guess they are just going to taunt us until they get around to them. YES. My anxiety is already through the roof in spite of the fact that we likely won't start hearing back from anywhere until almost February, for the proactive schools.
  4. Are anyone else's 'official' GRE scores still showing as missing from UW Madison's application portal? I sent the officials over at the end of October, so I'm not sure why they'd still be missing. The email notes that the scores may take some time to show up, but still... post submission nerves are feeding my anxiety.
  5. Good luck! You're almost at the finish line. I finally got all of my applications in, and now I'm ready to go into hibernation until January. Anyone else dying from mental exhaustion?
  6. Hey there! Thanks for the advice. Honestly, even after spending the last few months trying to ease into this process, it’s so overwhelming at times. And this is just the beginning! I come from a smaller program that hasn’t had many students go on to PhD level (the interest simply isn't there), but my professors have been very encouraging. It’s just difficult to break into the process without starting to feel like a very small fish in a sizable pond. Thanks for the offer of support! Part of the reason I wanted to get this thread kickstarted is so that we can all vent to a group of likeminded individuals in the same boat. The process has already caused me more anxiety than I would care to admit, but hey, I’ve made some killer spreadsheets as a result. That’s gotta count for something, right?
  7. @CanadianEnglish @Wimsey Nice to meet you both! You both mentioned the GRE, so how has your test prep been for that? I finally caved and purchased the study book that the GRE company produces and will have that in hand this weekend (thanks Amazon). Do you have any study methods that worked well for you? I know GRE isn't everything, but having a solid score is definitely a goal.
  8. Honestly, I wouldn't think it's necessary. Most of the schools I've emailed have said basically the same thing: If you have questions and want to speak with professors then it can be helpful in giving you a sense of the program culture. That being said, I don't think that the adcomms will necessarily be made up of professors, so they wouldn't know if you've spoken with anyone or not. I wanted to email them because there were programs that I was on the fence about. Speaking to professors helped me determine whether I would be a good fit. So ultimately it's up to you. I think it will depend on how much you already know about your programs of interest.
  9. @thepeeps I definitely felt the same when I started reaching out to professors. My advice: just be genuine in your interest. Ask some thoughtful questions about their research and show interest. I've only spoken to a few POIs so far, but I did so after sending an introductory email to the DGS (or whoever the school requests you email on their website) then I went from there. I've found them to be very excited to talk with potential students thus far. So, if there's a professor you're just crazy about working with, I'd give it a shot and see how they respond. @Dogfish Head Hey! Welcome! I've been lurking for a while myself and honestly, I couldn't wait any longer to create a thread. Which regional MLA are you presenting at? I'll be at the SCMLA this October, so It'd be cool to who else will be there.
  10. @LordQuas I understand that. And not sure if it's just me, but most of the PhD Programs I have seen appear to have better funding that the MFAs too. Granted, I haven't done as much research into MFAs (since I'm NOT a creative writer) so that perspective may be limited by that somewhat.
  11. @LordQuas Nice to meet you! You said creative writing, which is awesome, so are you planning on going MFA route? Or are you looking at PhD long term? I have a few peers who are wanting to do a creative writing track but aren't sure if MFA or PhD is the right direction for them. @Indecisive Poet How has your MA been treating you? I'm wrapping up year one with an anticipated May 2019 graduation date. My MA is technically in Liberal Arts, but my concentration is in English Literature (I will have 18+ hours in English when I finish). As for programs, I've been zeroing in on a few that I really like, but I'm keeping my options open. Ideally, I'd like to apply to somewhere in the 8-10ish range, but app fees carry a pretty hefty price tag. I'm trying to be proactive in regards to application materials, but I feel like as much as I'm trying to put time in, I'm not getting a lot of results out. I'm sure it's just a process of getting started, but man is it stressful already. As for your process, are you looking at programs in a specific part of the country? What are your "make or break" qualities for the programs you're looking at?
  12. Maybe it is a bit early to start a thread for the 2020 applicants, but I've been lurking for the better part of six months and couldn't wait any longer. I'm curious about who is here for the 2019-2020 application cycle. A little about me: I am a 20th/21st century Americanist with concentrations in Genre Studies (speculative fiction and postwar fiction primarily), Media Studies (video games and the like), and contemporary socio-political discourse. I am currently writing my thesis on the evolution of the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic genre during the cold war and post-9/11 eras. I am also drafting SOPs and working on my WS with little to no success. How is everyone else doing so far? Is it too soon to begin stressing out over this process?
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