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  1. Hi! Waitlisted at Rutgers and waiting for the outcome of my Notre Dame interview. I do have an offer from Oxford for an one-year MA though, so I may be accepting this instead.
  2. Out of all the programs to which I applied this cycle only Duke English allowed applicants to send it. In their webpage, they said it's optional this year but that, "if you think your scores would strengthen your application, then please feel free to send them." I didn't send mine anyway - my math score was a bit embarrassing -, and I found their policy this year incredibly unfair and ethically questionable. It would be much better if they either required the test of everyone this year or not at all. Encouraging certain people to send their scores whilst knowing others will be unable to due to
  3. I really hope they do not reinstate the GRE! It's a classist barrier and a waste of a ton of money. Not to mention that studying for it is boring and utterly unstimulating.
  4. I don't think being "odd" is necessarily a disadvantage. I've been apprehensive, too, chiefly because I'm still an undergraduate and therefore haven't had time to develop my research interests extensively. I have thus far been rejected by two programs, but have received an invitation to an interview by another in spite of what I fear some would describe as the "vagueness" of my interests. At any rate, I wish you good luck with your applications! I'm actually wondering how many people applied to UNC this year. I don't know if it's true, but their website says they typically receive between
  5. My area of interest is British Romanticism (and, within the field, I'm interested in the intersections between poetry and aesthetic theory as well as poetry and philosophy, in addition to certain deconstructive approaches). UNC was a bit of a stretch for me fit-wise. I decided to apply though because of one particular professor though and current graduate students studying there who specialize in Romanticism. What's your period?
  6. I applied to UNC Chapel Hill as well. I haven't heard back, nor do I know when results are supposed to starting being announced.
  7. If anyone knows anything about Duke...I'm wondering if all acceptances have been sent already, given that only three people have posted and only one appears to have been waitlisted. Though I've braced myself to expect a rejection letter from them any day now, I'm still hoping!
  8. I haven't received anything either. I'm pretty sure it's an implied rejection (?)
  9. Just received a recruitment invitation from Notre Dame! So stressed about the "interviews" the email mentions.
  10. Yes, you essentially submit three applications whilst paying for only one. But I frankly don't think all three are fully-funded, and probably that's the reason I got accepted to one of them so quickly. Let's hope we'll both hear back from West Lafayette soon!
  11. I applied to Purdue as well. Purdue allows you to apply to three programs simultaneously, so I applied to the MA English programs across three campuses (West Lafayette, Fort Wayne, Northwest), and got accepted to Fort Wayne's program about a week ago. I have no idea what this means though, or if all three programs are fully-funded or merely the West Lafayette one. At any rate, the West Lafayette program is the only one people seem to talk about, and it's therefore the one I'm looking forward to hearing back from the most. Good luck with your applications!
  12. I applied to an Oxford MA program as well (1700-1830). After substantial editing, my WS ended up being 4089 words, excluding the bibliography and the footnotes. Their website clarifies that footnotes and the "Works Cited" page are not counted as part of the word limit. Have you included them in your counting already? If not, I believe that the word number will be significantly lower. My essay is 4680 words with the bibliography and the footnotes, pretty close to yours. It depends, of course, on how long your footnotes and works cited page are; my bibliographic entry page is 3 pages long, while
  13. Alyycat, I considered applying to Ohio State's program as well, though I ended up not doing so. They have a fairly extensive team of scholars in my area of interest (Romanticism) but I am skeptical as to whether they are a good enough "fit" for my approach. I am currently an undergrad as well, and, based on what I've gathered from Ohio State's website, they do appear amenable to applicants who are not MA recipients. They however emphasize that they expect you to be abreast of and engage with contemporary scholarship on your field. If your writing sample and personal statement demonstrate that,
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