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  1. Glasperlenspieler: My German is not highly advanced. The thing is, my topic is not comparative, strictly speaking. I am just employing two German theorists to discuss a British writer. In fact, at first I was interested in Shelley's ideas about language and how these manifest themselves in his poetry, but while doing research I realized a lot has already been written about this. I then discovered there have been critics who have invoked German Romantics to discuss British Romanticism, so I thought of doing the same. The focus is strictly Shelley, not a discussion of parallel ideas. Still,
  2. Hi everyone - I am new to gradcafe. I am considering applying this fall straight out of undergrad (I am currently a senior), but I've had a lot of misgivings about the whole procedure, so I thought I should try reaching out to other people going through roughly the same thing. I come from a fairly highly ranked albeit not widely known liberal arts college in NY and I have a GPA of around 3.9. I am taking an Independent Study course this semester to work on my honors thesis on Shelley, part of which I intend to send as my WS. The thing is, I literally spent the entire summer researching my topi
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