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  1. My husband (and I, but that's not really relevant) went to a public school. Don't let that affect your application process or limit you!
  2. Interesting info regarding the incoming Harvard cohort: 1/3 have a BA only, whereas 2/3 have an MA BAs from Tufts, McGill, Princeton, Cornell, Barnard, Kenyon, Cambridge, Columbia, Bristol MAs are from McGill, Oxford, Georgetown, NYU, and Yale I find this intriguing as I feel it has often been said that you're less likely to get into an Ivy if you have an MA, but clearly that is not the case. And though many of these schools are Ivy equivalents, not all (or even most) are Ivies.
  3. Harvard has the same, and it basically seems like an excuse to allow a ton of undergrads to show up for a week to classes they probably shouldn't be in lol.
  4. I wouldn't consider this trolling. I think it is extremely important for us to continuously confront and recognize the state of the job market and demand that institutions are honest, upfront, detailed, and transparent about their TT placement rates.
  5. All the more reason not to spend tens of thousands on a master's degree that has no guarantee of getting you into a PhD program. You may be happy with your choice, and that's totally valid, but others here should not feel that they need to go into debt for the MAPH (or any other unfunded MA) and that a gap year (or more) isn't valuable. It absolutely can be and I truly don't think any adcomm would look down upon taking time between your degrees to do other things.
  6. I think this is a bit unfair. Husband took two years between undergrad and his PhD to work a non-academic job and, yes, read and write. He chose not to attend any of the MA programs he got into during that time (Trinity College Dublin, Edinburgh, and Cambridge) because they didn't provide funding. I think it is absolutely helpful that he took the time to read, refine his research interests, and write (getting some book review & short story publications). I do not think whatsoever that it "didn't look good" on his CV, and instead of spending a ton of money on an MA, we saved money and he's now at Harvard for his PhD...
  7. Coming from someone who worked as an intern (paid, I might add, as I have similarly bad feelings about unpaid internships) at a bankruptcy law office throughout high school and college, I am really looking out for everyone when I say do not go into debt for your humanities degree. There are many people I saw coming into that office who were plunged into horrendous debt from their degrees, and the pain they were going through I cannot imagine was worth it. Because of that experience, I chose to turn down undergrad offers at more prestigious schools to go to the school where I received tuition remission and a scholarship, and I think that was the absolute best choice I ever could have made to start my adult life on the right foot. Now I know I wasn’t an English literature student, but I’m married to one and the fact that neither of us have student debt makes a huge impact on our ability to get through this PhD. I think it’s awful that Chicago preys on people with this extremely expensive program. As far as I’m aware, even my alma mater offers funding for their English MAs and I am certain Chicago is rolling in way more money, so Chicago should be ashamed of that. Don’t fall into the trap of accruing student loan debt for your humanities degree!
  8. That’s basically what husband did! And if you get your generals list you can also work through some of those!
  9. I didn’t even know Harvard had a waitlist! Good luck to you!!!
  10. From our end it looks like Harvard is done making offers, as Husband received a list of accepted students and their research areas a couple days ago. Looks like they accepted about 15 students. If any admitted students are on here, let me know if you have any questions!
  11. LOL and this is why everyone loves you here. You had faith when we didn't!
  12. Ah yes, I remember husband being on the 'unofficial waitlist' at Brown last year. Very odd and anxiety-inducing! Lol.
  13. His stipend I believe is increasing by 3% for the next academic year, and I believe it was something more like $34k or $35k already, but this is helpful to try to conceptualize. He seems very frustrated by the idea of having to do estimated quarterly taxes, and that our tax preparer seemed to ignore the stipend situation. There needs to be more education on this by the universities, and more support for the students.
  14. Probably, yes? At Harvard, you don't start teaching until the third year, so hopefully by then he'll actually receive a W2. It is very frustrating to not have any taxes taken out.
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