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  1. Thanks for the insight. Do you know if generally schools are able to pull from the waitlist (if they have one) after April 15? Or is everything finalized at that point and post deadline rescind’s screw then over?
  2. I had two fully funded PhD offers this cycle. I did not get to visit School #2 because of COVID-19. I ended up choosing school 1 because I felt like it was a better fit, I knew the people there, and because it is closer to home - despite knowing that the second school was much better ranked program with better placements. This was induced panic related to COVID-19 (I lost a family member, and just the general anxiety of this current moment) and I defaulted to what was familiar. It is now 4 days after April 15. Let's say I ask School B (the one I rejected) and they inform me that th
  3. Don’t think too much into it. Just thank you and looking forward to working together
  4. From what I’ve heard (didn’t end up in AmStudies myself): NYU is considered to be the top ranked program right next to Yale in terms of scholarship, reputation, and placement. Brown and Harvard have the Ivy League gleam but they don’t have a strong reputation nor rank. Harvard’s hires might indicate a change, but seeing as how the scholars you mentioned were hired in disciplinary departments, it’s unclear. Furthermore they’ve come under scrutiny due to the recent tenure denial of Dr Lorgia Garcia Pena and general lack of support for ethnic studies. Aside from that, I haven’t heard good thing
  5. Accepted into one of my top programs in history and about to accept
  6. Be sure to check the placements of both programs but esp the area studies. There are a handful of ones that place exceptionally well, but outside of that, meh
  7. Seconded. I think taking time off is a better plan than throwing money into one of these cash cows which may or may not end up helping you.
  8. Depends on the kind of work you wanna do but generally , Rutgers. Congrats on amazing offers though.
  9. You can accept an offer and then drop out - but it’ll likely burn bridges with faculty there.
  10. This is actually a pretty crazy situation. Can you give more details? Are you going to stick with Berkeley?
  11. A campus tour is fine-if it was a recruitment visit day with the program and faculty and potential cohort then no.
  12. A program is taking their sweet time in coming back w funding information
  13. What is the reputation of the first program? You saying your two potential POI’s are old and that younger scholars aren’t doing cutting edge work could be something to consider if this is a widely held perspective. Try to parse through reputation vs online rankings (which aren’t as helpful). Also, the great fit of the two advisors at the second school sounds like it could be promising. You should speak to more students and see if they’re simply hard to get a hold of sometimes or if they’re completely inaccessible. If it’s the former, it shouldn’t be an issue-it’s just a matter of your capacity
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