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  1. contact your international office. It is possible to change your visa while you are in the States, but I heard the process takes very long.
  2. I made it of the waitlist literally a few days before April 15th for my top choice - so it does happen. However, I would not put my hopes up too high.
  3. Yeah.. that's why nobody has issues with Trump calling it the Chinese virus + Asian people increasingly being attacked here in the States and Europe. Regardless - it was not necessary to mention China. Glad you dont blame china - confused on why you then hold them responsible (doesn't that imply blame?). Am generally unaware of any plans on 'how the world will hold china responsible', nor have these seen mentioned anywhere in most of European or East-Asian media (or this even being the discourse at this point other than among a couple of right-wing people), but time will tell. Also I think you're referring to a financial times opinion piece? Although I doubt if it would necessarily help in not having another pandemic - swine flue did not originate there; nor did MERS, zika, ebola (and if take it further back 1918 influenza and a bunch of other 'bullets we dodged as humanity') Why would Europe be a safer choice? I think admissions is one thing, deferral of a semester another, potential loss of funding yet another. I would advice to just contact every grad administrator in each school to ask about the potential likelihood that they'll be deferring students a year or semester (unlikely to not admit I think, I do think there are some legal regulations about admissions). Most likely classes will be online if anything happens - which is just as likely now in most of Europe. Funding may be a bit tricky if you are have to work from home as you probably wont have an American SSN. However - DHS have been good here with regard to visa status and other things. Plus most international offices that I know of are working around the clock to help and inform people. Ask the school? DHS has been good about things so far. I dont think the US government has been doing anything they should not do to international students so far. Rather, they have made the rules easier for people to take classes abroad, maintain full-time enrollment even through online classes, and so on. The general expectancy here is that students may arrive late, with still some uncertainties about how sutdents will be paid (not IF)
  4. most likely - contact your international office.
  5. We all migrated to zoom. University has been of great help. Lots of info on twitter to!
  6. Why on earth would you 'blame China'. Cut the xenophobia plz. At this point so many governments & places are too blame. Its not like the trump administration has been moving on this fast enough - may as well blame them?! RE graduating: Contact your university. Most places I know are making amends. Both in my country of origin and here in the States people are having classes (although online), doing exams, etc. So we will be getting grades etc. The university you are working with may also be a bit more lenient in terms of grades (e.g., my grades were due by mid October) - talk with administration. RE: reapplying - depends. Wouldn't worry about it now. Potentially ask the uni you plan on accepting if you can defer your offer till the next semester/year after. Wouldn't be unlikely they're more lenient now. RE: Uhm. I think they still should decide which school they want to go too? There's still a choice to be made. And hat should be an informed choice. But note that for American/not international students this trade off may be different for many other reasons.
  7. Our offers and funding at least for this semester remains unaffected. TAs have somewhat different responsibilities now (e.g., monitor/set up zooms; online exams; etc.). I do not expect any chances to my offers for fall - seems like university is more likely to sacrifice the undergrad TA positions at this point if anything gets sacrificed (exams still need to be graded, office hours are online now, etc.), although it is somewhat speculating. I'm TAing one semester, the other semester I'm on an RA position.
  8. in general I'm fine with people sending me their statements - no need to ask, but also dont necessarily expect a superquick reply at this point in the semester
  9. If the red flags are that strong.. Do you want to take the risk? Nothing more terrible/ruining your life than a bad advisor tbh.
  10. you could volunteer in relevant labs if you have the time/can make the commitment.
  11. Some things I saw people do that gave of bad vibes: - Not talk with anybody (creep vibes) or only talk with people who are in their prospective lab. We are ALL going to give feedback on you as grad students if we can. NEVER say things like oh 'I don't want to talk with X/X's prospectives/X's grad student because I'm not going to go to their lab anyway' - that is just rude). It doesn't mean that you have to talk with EVERY person in the room, but try to just talk with people and just ask where they're from and what their research is about. Probably ask what they like about their current school and what the school could do better. - Generally don't say things as oh I don't have an research questions, I just like analyzing data or things like that. Know what you want to do - even if it's just a broad topic that you feel comfortable talking about. Like what are you interested in? - Try to avoid making negative comments about your current institute. It's fine to ask about work-life balance and mentoring style. But don't frame ti as 'is PI easily available, because my current one is never there'.
  12. at my interviews a lot of people were carrying backpacks. I wouldn't stress it too much.
  13. It's fine. If people start acting like that, it's not a program you want to. You're an adult, you should be allowed to set boundaries in that regard.
  14. have seen it happen. sometimes it seems to be people who go to a place that is not their job choice or something. But you are still leaving an impression on your future colleagues.
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