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  1. Which programs are you looking at? The Master's or PhDs? TC really has very poor funding for the PhD level. Your GPA and GRE are fineeeeee
  2. This is fairly common practice - to just send an email introducing yourself and asking whether this person is taking students. You may also want to inquire about what current research the lab is doing since the publication pipeline can take a while. There are numerous threads on this forum on how to write such an email
  3. Mine still does. But I hae a somewhat unusual spelling lmao
  4. The GRE is waived for a lot or programs this year. I don't think it is necessarily to have published before applying. However, the quality of your research experience matters as well as how you can talk about it. Independent research experience would be helpful. You may also want to look into poster presentations on your work. The other important thing is fit to your advisor - so you'd have to find someone who is interested in the same topics as you.
  5. Some experience is better than no experience and a lot of skills are used in simialr lines of research. Relevant experience is better than some experience, but it's also how well you are at drawing lines between your past experiences and the type of research you want to do. A lot of research experience (at least in Social Psych) is helping a grad student with their research. That can consist of things like being a confederate, basic data cleaning, help with the development of studies, etc. Independent is more like doing your 'own' supervised research. Only clinical can
  6. Now 1. What people think a psychologist does and what htey actually do are very different things. I'm a psychologist, a social psychologist, I do very little treating people and promoting their mental health I feel these things could also be part of social psychologist. Procrastination has definitely been hot topic on the literature on social cognition. Emotion regulation is also studied in social psychology. Why people avoid 'thinking' has also been studied. The field is also more 'justice' oriented and pragmatic than clinical in that sense. I'm not a huge fan of
  7. Also to add - a Clinical Psych PhD is for a huge part of the PhD journey doing research, not necessarily practicing treatment all the time. So areas you may want to train yourself in are quant/statistics, research methods, get fast at reading the literature (i.e., get familiar with scientific papers in clinical and how to read them), what type of research you'd like to do in clinical (e.g., anxiety? depression? emotion regulation? etc.) Other options are a post-bacc. Although GPA matters, especially for clinical, research experience matters a lot. However, you may want to just emai
  8. I would definitely not infer anything from word number. It says more something about how much time they have. This PI is likely sending similar length emails to everyone (some people even have a template), it may depend on the time of the day they reply, the day of the week, how busy they are, etc. Also I got accepted in my top 1 PhD program where my PI never responded to my email, whreeas I didn't get even an interview with people who wrote really lengthy replies. Don't put too much weight on these responses.
  9. I'm a bit confused on why our friends are either 1) undergrads 'representing youth' or 2) grad students who 'are in a different life phase). Other than that many of my friends are not grad student, some of the most ambitious, 'mature', future-oriented people I've met are among my undergrad RAs. Some of the most party-fun people are grad students. I wouldn't stereotype either as such. And that even goes for professors - some come out to bars to have drinks or go to techno parties, others indeed only read. I think you can find people fit to you in any environment.
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