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  1. Look, there may be things that were ought to happen different ways (or what you call 'person X should have done Y'). Maybe because of policy, maybe because of what would have lead to better outcomes. They didn't happen. Stop wasting yours and others people's time trying to find out why they didn't happen. They're not gonna tell you and they don't want to tell you. You're not going to find your answers on an online forum or reddit. You're only doing more damage
  2. I was recommend to aim for a page and a half double-spaced, with a max of two.
  3. xcept youre not really open to opinions that don't allign what you 'heard elsewhere'?
  4. Another thing to ask is maybe about 'current research directions' the lab is taking. Since there's usually a 2 -3 year delay in research being preformed + published. Maybe there has been a recent grant, a new interest, etc.
  5. Although I think I'm intrested in mots areas and like learning about them, I do think I have research questions that are predominantly best answered in a certain area? Like a lot of things are intersting, but there are certain topics I keep gravitating to in terms of questions that I formulate.
  6. I don't think there is necessarily nothing preventing them - Universities have regulations in who can serve on committees. I mean, I'd personally also just like to retire at some point. Regardless of how 'amazing' students are. And that's hard to gauge from an undergrad in a class anyway, and there are so many students doing well on class-assignments. Like there's no linear directory in that sense. I don't know if it the lack of confidence after that paper or the lack of professionalism. I also wonder if she has a sense of your degree of admiration, which would personally make me feel very uncomfortable to work with someone. All I can say is that most advisors in my 'area' want to collaborate, which is hard if someone is in awe. This. Really ask yourself why this matters so much to you. Chances are more likely that, especially since this person is retiring, they wouldn't hear. And then the other part is if they would even care or remember you 4 years along the line. I find this worrisome. Did you know this professor before attending this university? Is there any specific reason why you 'admire' this person so much? Like I deeply respect some people's work, but I see their work as separate from the person (some great scientists are shitty people and vice versa). But I've never felt like this about anyone and I don't think it is healthy. Let go of this person.... How would you deal with it if she were to say no? Because for many many reasons, this is a realistic opportunity Although they can't reject someone for a disability, they will evaluate your reference letters. If they mention 'unproffesionalism', that is a major red flag. Reputations are faster lost than earned, and unfortunately, regardless of the 'causes', you overstept a line, which like has tainted perceptions. Will this influence you directly? I don't know. That also partly depends on how popular each program is and who else is in the applicant pool.
  7. doesn't this heavily depend on what 'field' you are into? Like a school that has a good Bizz department may not be the best engineering school.
  8. I'm a bit conflicted about this post. There are a lot of things going on that I understand may bother you but that are also not 'helpful' (in as much damaging) if you we're to go grad school. You seem to have a very fraught relationship with your alma mater. There is a professor there that didn't want to advise you (they're retiring or whatever other reasons they have) and that can happen. They have no obligation to advise you, help you, etc. Teach, yes - if you take their class. Other than that, things are a mutual agreement. Based on your other posts, you didn't get this part. Although I understand there is disappointment about that, I do think there is something about how much this affected you that you really need to reflect on and why you want to work with this prof this much. That the other prof 'knows' this person shouldn't matter as much as it seems to matter to you. You're going to work with this new person for who they are, not for who they know. Have you talked with this person on mentoring style, their 'rules', expectations, etc.? Including what they expect from grad students they mentor, which may actually be different from people they work with in another capacity (e.g., undergrads, grad students they are not PI for). Grad school is really just a ton of criticism, negative feedback (maybe even more so than positive), and disappointments and you really need to get a handle on how you navigate such experiences and environments. Another word of concern is that how likely you think it is that you will be accepted in either school, given what has happened? It's nice to have choices for grad school, but really, it's rare in academia we get to choose where we live (during and after grad school). Have you ever lived in another city or place before? Are there any specific reasons why you think that other location wouldn't be a good fit to you? I mean, there are many places I wouldn't want to live so it's understandable. But at the same time, sometimes people also have to make sacrifices to do the research/career they want (talk with any international student lol) And just a question for thought - I'm not doubting whether you should go or your skills or anything - but what do you want to get 'out' of grad school? A career and better pay check? Respect from others and yourself + self-esteem (I wouldn't use this as a motivation, since I feel like they kinda teach you the opposite in grad school)? A love for science? Again, these are really personal questions and you don't even have to answer them on a forum. But I would encourage you to think about them.
  9. Co-adivising is possible. It's potentially a pro since there's is a guarantee you're a good fit. At the same time, profs may be 'possessive' and don't want their students to relaly work with others that much. You can email their current grad students for questions.
  10. ^For context, that's my experience in 3 different Psych departments. (and then there's also the tenure - non-tenure dynamic) There are indeed differences in how 'strictly' departments accept as a whole (usually also more collaborative between labs) and as a lab. But even then there are sole PIs who couldn't care less.
  11. Oh and also make sure you're not from a country under travel ban. Whereas entry bans have been lifted from F1/M1 for a bunch of places, this does not apply to J1 and you need to get permission from the embassy.
  12. Contact your International Office on the regulations. The J1 is an exchange student visa and therefore subject to different regulations than the F1. I'm not entirely sure if there is also a ban for entry in terms of online classes for J1, F and M has for sure, but not sure about J1. Contact your university if there's anything you can sign up for 'in person' - for example we have supervised research in a hybrid model. I don't think it matters whether a professor is vouching for you, what matters is whether what you do complies with the rules. Professors can vouch all what they want, but they're not above the law and I would not think like that. They're also very unaware and uninfomred of the (ever changing) rules for international students. If you'd were to enter and it is indeed online, yes you'd probably receive a letter to leave (usually within 14 days) and if you don't comply may face a re-entry ban for a certain nr of years. I wouldn't treat this lightly
  13. I doubt if they'll dig that deep. They may check your twitter and what you posted, but I doubt if they're going to go on instagram looking for comments people make on other's posts (it's also not that easy to find on instagram anyway).
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