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  1. Usually if you dont have a Social security number yet, your options are limited - because its often required. Your uni will have some agreements with *some* banks but not all to open an account. I have BoA - since the other option was a lot worse and hard to reach. I've had no problems with them - they're everywhere in terms of ATMs and the like. Their credit card is allright - not the highest cashbacks and the like, but it does what it needs to do. BoA has an international credit card for which you get better exchange rates and pay no extra fees. I pay no fees at BoA as long
  2. I am. It would probably be more helpful than no master's degree. However, the thing is that people still 'look down' on non-US degrees (even though objectivley I received a lot better training there). But, being here now for a while, what really matters is social networks. There's a lot of nepotism involved, at least in psych, so its helpful if the PI knows the other people you work with.
  3. Definitely talk to current grad students! I got a good stipened + cheaper on-campus housing + good healht insurance (including for my partner). Also keep an eye out for hidden universtiy fees that are not part of your 'package'
  4. Other than these valid points - a lot of PhD programs don't even have specific areas in their program (only 'psychology') and a lot of people do interdisciplinary things (e.g., social neuroscience is a field?!) This distinction makes so not sense....
  5. Depends really on the location - like you'd need a lot more in NYC than in the midwest. Thinks to factor in; Rent, do you need a car, health costs, etc.
  6. Really depends on the school. I've attended two universities (transfered with my advisor) and the uni's differ so much in both on/off campus healht, packages etc. You could always contact the uni's insurance office - they could tell you more
  7. have a clear idea of your research + how it relates to the PI in a way that gets them excited? Other than that not much - they'll likely already know who is their first choice
  8. some people do indeed ghost you. it can also mean you're on the waitlist. I had radiosilence for 2 months and then got an email from them I made it of the waitlist
  9. I know one of my RAs was in an interview with 8 others for one positions - so seems likely!
  10. It depends a bit - I've def seen people been rejected AFTER recruitment events for various reasons. Sometimes a PI may invite two candidates between who they are deciding. Some people may give off inherently bad vibes (dont sexually harass people - that happened. you will not get in) Our recruitment days this year has 13 people for 6 spots
  11. the J2 can apply for a work permit (not a work-visa, so its employment authorization for a given period of time) - it's usually only for one year (we got lucky and got it for 2) and you'd have to reapply (it's about 500 dollars each time). And yes - he/she/they have to stay with the partner being unable to work. Why is it unrealistic? Any dependent visa is really meant for the partner to 'accompany' the main visa holder. Because J is an exchange visa, the partner can also do a 'work exchange'. If the partner wants to work or get a work-visa, he/she/they should apply for their own visa.
  12. I know that two of these places ahvent gone over apps yet. But do keep in mind that because all the interviews will be online, you'll probably know shorter in advance anyway. Most of these schools also have 2x the number of apps for half the spots - so a lot of uni's have meetings later than normal
  13. Some universities do pay for your partner (aka mine fully pays my husbands fees)
  14. Our department had double the number of applicants! Half the spots! Everything is going to be delayed as well, because people need simply more time to read through applications
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