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  1. I'm not applying to any MA programs but I had an interview with Rutgers MAP program in 2019. If anyone has any questions about what they asked during that interview feel free to dm me!
  2. Fordham is a very difficult program to get into even in "normal" years. They typically have 600+ applicants. Not receiving an interview means nothing against you personally. You are definitely qualified, but there may be other outstanding things such as other applicants having research interests that overlap better with faculty interests. PhD programs are about a mutual fit not just the potential of the applicant.
  3. Are you asking this question regarding programs that people have already posted about, or ones that no one has said anything at all about yet? Not all programs are done extending interviews, so don't worry yet. Some programs don't extend them until the very end of January. I'm still waiting to hear back from 4 schools
  4. You can reach out to professors from previous schools and see if they are hiring RAs or would be willing to let you volunteer in an RA position. I'm graduated with my MA and still working on research (unpaid) with the university I did my MA at. Another option is looking for paid positions being advertised by universities or companies. If you have linkedin, that would be a good place to start. I found a few research job postings through there. When I was applying for MA programs in 2019 one of them had interviews and it was comprised of both a group and an individual interview. While I
  5. I applied to Rowan and have not heard back yet, but I think they will be starting to review applications next week. I already have an MA and will probably look for a research job. The other option is perhaps taking up training in ABA. At least in my location, places seem to be desperate for ABA therapists right now and I am seeing a lot of places that say that they will train you. Some even only require a BA and no previous ABA experience. It's not necessarily something that's related to my exact interests but it will keep me working in the psychology world and if I'm able to be trained /
  6. I applied to Fordham, as well, but I've been told that Fordham gets over 600 applications even in "normal" years. The school that has about 150 was Rowan, but I believe that this is partially because their program is a bit newer. It IS accredited, but just upon contingency.
  7. I haven't heard back from any schools either and I have a masters, multiple poster presentations (one first author), and a research grant. I only applied to six schools though and a couple haven't given out invites yet, but honestly I think it's not that we are not qualified, it's just that our research interests may not fit as well as we think it does with the faculty. Plus with the amount of people applying this year it's definitely just harder overall and I'm sure there's tons of people they would have loved to give interviews to but decided not to for whatever reason. I also know that some
  8. Thanks all, I was mostly wondering to make sure there isn't some kind of secret problem with the faculty or the school itself! I saw one very disgruntled post from 2018 claiming the faculty was unprofessional for keeping them waiting, but I was unsure if that was just a person who was upset over being rejected.
  9. Is there a reason that it seems that barely anyone is mentioning having applied to Fairleigh Dickinson University / FDU? Almost every other school on my list I've seen multiple others apply to but for FDU I haven't really seen anything at all on this forum about it. Is there something I don't know about why people choose not to apply there for Clinical PhD?
  10. Very true, I'm on the east coast and strictly applying to northeast schools / am basing my information off of northeast clinical programs.
  11. I was suggested that women should be wearing a blazer and men should be wearing a button down shirt with a tie, and possibly a jacket as well. Some schools may not be as strict with this, but I was told by someone who is about to conduct interviews for students applying to the PhD program at their school that this is how they would want interviewees to dress. I am a little surprised at the above commenter who said in their interviews people were wearing hoodies, as according to the person I have spoken to that would automatically make the applicant look bad, but again, different schools, diffe
  12. I actually recently had a conversation about this with my advisor. She let me know that unfortunately, with how interview days are run, it is unlikely that they will set up a whole new one just for you. However, you should decide to accept the interview offer based on which school you would be more likely to attend if accepted. It would still be worth to reach out to the other school just to see if there is a possibility that they have an alternate interview day, but from what I've been told I would not count on that being an option.
  13. I have not heard anything about invitations but did receive an email with a qualtrics form sometime a couple weeks ago asking me more details about research interests.
  14. Thanks for the response! I was considering emailing them tomorrow, but I suppose I will just wait it out. It is the first school on my list that has begun to send things out, but it also happens to be my top choice. I hope for luck for the both of us!
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