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  1. Yes! Glad that someone has created this thread! I'm applying to SHIPS and master in education data science at the same time. Writing my statement of purpose day and night now
  2. Congrats!! I didn't know the decision can come out so early?!
  3. Just finished my GRE!!!! GRE is required for some of the programs at TC, including applied stat, the one I want to apply to. So I have to take it. If you have the time and energy, why don't you give it a shot? If you get a nice GRE score, I'm sure it would make your profile look stronger. Not sure about undergrad GPA either. Ask the admissions office maybe?
  4. I'll probably apply to the applied stats program, if I get a high enough GRE score next week
  5. Hi all! Does anyone here know anything about this new EDS master program in Stanford GSE? I really love it and it's my top choice now, but I want to get a sense of how competitive it will be (based on past statistics from other programs, maybe)
  6. Hi y'all! I'm currently an undergrad senior applying for master programs for the Fall 2021 cycle. I'm interested in interdisciplinary studies combining education, psychology, and data science/statistics. Below is my profile, and I appreciate any comments/feedback/recommendations! Undergrad: a prestigious (I think?) women's liberal arts college Major: Psychology (currently doing an honor thesis), Quantitative Economics GPA: 3.99/4.0 (Psychology: 3.96 Econ: 4.0) GRE: I haven't taken GRE yet, but I hope to get a score of 325+. Coursework: Psychology: cognitive deve
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