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  1. I decided to accept a spot at Texas State University to pursue a MA in Psychological Research. If anyone else is doing the same, feel free to reach out! Good luck everyone. 🙂
  2. Did you have an interview with them by any chance?
  3. Wow congratulations!! still waiting to hear back from them myself!
  4. If you guys don't mind me asking, when did you all submit your materials to the schools you're waiting to hear back from?
  5. Hey everyone, anyone else waiting to hear back from MS Psychology programs they applied for? I'm currently waiting on the University of Texas at Dallas to get back to me about my application. Any other MS Psychology students playing the waiting game as well?
  6. Hi everyone, best of luck to everyone applying! I am currently waiting on Texas State University and University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to get back to me about my applications for their MA programs.
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