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  1. Anything from Columbia SSW? My LOR said she received her acceptance from them feb 10 a few years back. So dang nervous.
  2. I don't see it in my inbox, are you sure you sent it?
  3. Hey! 5.5 here. I practiced a LOT of writing. I would search prompts, and just write, write, write. Look at ETS writing prompts online, they provide them and it's extremely helpful to see the set up. You can't just read the GRE books, if that worked, everyone would get high score. Actively study is what's best. I have a strong background in writing, so I walked in with confidence - this is half of it. But I also utilized a method I found online when searching how to receive the best score. The idea for the writing is this formula ( note: I did not come up with it). RICE: restate the
  4. What are your stats for Wake? Asking as I applied this year Thanks!
  5. Hear, hear! Love that you've found what works for you. I know this will be a helpful post others can refer back to if they are having a tough time... Which, mind you, totally understandable when applying to graduate programs (plus our little friend, COVID-19). I think people downplay how even 30 minutes of movement per day benefits our mental health so much. As well as, reaching out for help! There's a lot of stigma attached to struggling with mental health, and *gasp*, not being perfect. Talking about what we go through, if comfortable, breaks that shame/guilt cycle that keeps people st
  6. Is that how one usually finds roommates? Via Facebook? I'm worried I'm going to get a weird roommate or something, lol. I'm not one who usually cares, but I feel like New York comes with many eclectic people.
  7. Nope!! There was one result that someone had been accepted yet I'm not sure if I trust it. Also, if/once accepted, where do people plan on living?
  8. *if* I end up in New York for the 2021 Fall, would anyone be interested in renting with me, or even just help look together for safe/quality apartments in the city? I guess it depends if I end up at Columbia or NYU. Let me know! We can definitely chat first too, so we can check if itll be a good fit. FYI I have cats, they're so friendly and sweet.
  9. Uptown is insane. I pay about $2300 for a 1-bedroom + den. Granted, there is a pool and gym, as well as paying extra for my cats and $100 for underground parking. Still, I live on the outskirts of uptown. Getting more on Hennepin is nuts regarding prices. Definitely recommend Northeast, and you can ALWAYS find a cheaper yet new apartment in Dinky.
  10. If they didn't want to reschedule, they wouldn't do it. There are so many applicants that they would've just told you no and moved on. Honestly, I think you didn't do anything wrong, therefore apologizing could make matters worse. Life happens, rescheduling is part of life. Every professional job encounters this at one time or another.
  11. Wanted to start a conversation, find that a lot of people don't talk about their struggles due to stigma, shame, etc. Also think many could benefit and find hope! How do you manage your mental health throughout the stress of graduate school?
  12. Oh how great! I've been trying to prepare myself mentally for that, this is great news. appreciate it!
  13. As I read reviews online, I find quite negative reviews about this program. I am hoping to go onto a Clinical Psych PhD afterwards, but don't want to attend if the reviews are this poor? Anyone have experience with this program? TIA!
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