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  1. People declined! I’m going to WWU!
  2. Here’s my profile for future students! It’s April 15th and I finally have a plan haha Undergrad: A California State University Degree: BS in Geology GPA: 3.6 Type of student: Female, white, late 20s GRE:  Q: 157 V: 162 W: 4 Research Experience: I did field work for an undergrad thesis but never finished it. Additional Details: Started out as a dietetics major and then switched to vocal performance before finding geology. My grades were terrible at the beginning of my college career. I was in and out of school for seven years until my last 2 years which were fantastic. I was definitely a most improved kind of student. I actually had to retake an entire semesters worth of classes at one point. At the end of it all I received the outstanding senior award and a couple scholarships that I never applied to but was suggested for by my department. Right after graduating I got a competitive job working as a state parks interpretive ranger with an awesome geologic resource. Applying to Where (all MS Geology): Central Washington University: Accepted. Offered TA position. Will not be attending. Western Washington University: Accepted. Offered TA position. Will be attending. This process was hell. The waiting, the waitlists for funding, the last minute decisions... but it was worth it. I could have applied to more schools but I knew I wanted to go somewhere with only a masters program and no PhD. If anyone wants to chat — DM me.
  3. No advice but I’m in the same situation. It felt so good to get in, but without funding it’s not even a possibility. I hope we get off the waitlist really quickly!!!!
  4. Have you inquired about this to the admissions people? I do think a lot of people wait until the last minute because they’re hoping to hear from other universities.
  5. Thanks! I have already told A the whole story. It’s just up to students declining their offers at this point. I got an extension to decide so if they decline on the 15th I’ll still be able to accept the next day.
  6. Aw thanks for replying. I’m waiting on Western Washington University. I did end up getting an extension for my decision which is super helpful. Good luck to you! I hope we don’t have to wait too much longer.
  7. Well, I’m officially waitlisted for funding. I guess I’m just here to vent. I got into both programs I applied to and got funded at one and waitlisted for funding at the other which happens to be my first choice. The email said all the TA positions were already offered to students so I just need to wait for them to possibly decline. I don’t know where I am on this waitlist. Their students need to decide by the same day I need to decide about my second choice so I’m feeling very stressed. It sucks to know I wasn’t my favorite advisor’s first choice. It sucks to have to keep waiting to find out - and so last minute. I’m thankful I have a school to go to if the first choice doesn’t work out, but I’ve been so excited to possibly work with my first choice advisor for months and months. Having a bad day over here.
  8. Damn I just got news I’m on a waitlist for funding at A. This thread is even more relevant now.
  9. I’m in the same boat. Thanks for posting this. School A is my top choice and I’ve been accepted but they have yet to divvy out TA positions. School B is my second choice and they’ve already offered me a TA position but need me to decide by the 15th. From what people have said here I will accept B if I hear nothing from A and then consider getting them to release my acceptance at B if A comes through after the 15th. I’ve heard it’s really rude to do so, but I’m also sure there are people waiting for my spot. Because this wasn’t stressful enough, everything has to come down to the last minute too!!!
  10. I did my undergrad there and I loved it. Yes, some of the buildings are really old, but it’s a great school and the community is wonderful. I didn’t stay for grad school because it’s crazy expensive to live in the area if you’re not in tech.
  11. I contacted the geology dept at Western and they said they’re just trying to figure out TA stuff at this point. We should hear soon!
  12. That’s how I manage the morning lifts. I’ll just have to do that in the evenings too!!
  13. I’ve never even heard of it! If you’re recommending it I’ll be sure to look it up!
  14. Goals! I lift in the mornings as well but I have a hard time motivating in the evenings to do cardio.
  15. I need to watch Brooklyn 99! I think the humor will be right up my alley. I grew up doing musical theater so Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is fun for me, but, be warned it’s a musical tv show!!
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