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  1. @CHOCCOCO This is just my personal opinion - it's fine. While I don't believe all men act one way and all women act another, if you're not comfortable with a male living in your space, than you have every right to not room with one. Be kind in how you phrase the rejection and I think the other person should understand. That being said, I've lived with just women and I've lived with men and my roommate experience was 95% affected by who they are (as a person), not just their gender. Best of luck!
  2. @MathCatinteresting, thanks!
  3. Does anyone have experience with scholarships being taxed? I have my base stipend and then additional funding from a scholarship I received - I think they might be taxed separately?
  4. @magnetite I was (one of a few) rejected from Yale after their open house a couple years ago lol I wouldn't be too nervous about other open houses, because I honestly think I was rejected for 100% the right reasons (the advisor I wanted to work with totally didn't click with me, AND I really didn't know enough to start a PhD program, luckily, I do now and am going to my dream school with my dream advisor!). The open house was really eye opening and I met some great, interesting, and intelligent people. I hope you have the same experience (but maybe with an acceptance!)
  5. I agree with @PsychWannabee - it's not likely to come up, and if it does, I would give little detail. You'll never be sure how a POI or admin committee will interpret a life event like that. Best of luck and congrats on finally starting your path to graduate school *~*~*
  6. Hi everyone, I have been on this site for a while (long story, ask if you want more detail - I was all around rejected my Fall 2017 cycle. The Fall 2018 cycle, I got accepted to some places but there was an issue with the my top choice advisor leaving her school so I waited another year to reapply where that advisor now works). I just received the acceptance letter/email for my top choice w/ a great fellowship so I can finally start my PhD! I'm mostly posting if people have questions about my experience and/or need a little story of inspiration. Getting completely rejected the first
  7. I'd say a general yes, but I'm sure it's advisor/school specific. I'm basing my assessment on my experience with academia - I have a BA in biochemistry and I've been accepted to geochemistry and earth science PhD programs. They might have you take additional courses to reconcile deficiencies however.
  8. I'm not in a similar situation, but one of my friends went back to school at age 45 with 2 kids and having done service jobs up until that point. She got her second BA (she got one decades ago in music) in Geology and now is in a PhD program and rocking it. I don't think she has plans to go into academia after her program, but she seems happy and focused and fulfilled. Just my two cents - best of luck!
  9. @student_s I thought that any schools I haven't heard back from were a rejection, but I just got an acceptance from Rutgers yesterday soooo... who knows lol however, I suspect that I was on the "unofficial" waitlist and their top choice rejected them, so I got scooped up.
  10. For anyone waiting on Rutgers, I just received an email for a skype chat with a few prospective professors.
  11. @meghan_paleoclimate Me too! No worries though, I'm sure it's for the best
  12. Anyone heard from University of Wisconsin - Madison? I'm assuming I've been rejected according to how and when they've sent out decisions in previous years, but I'm really surprised that no one has posted that they got in yet.
  13. @JJtheJetPlane Every field has their own timeline. For instance, chemistry programs apply in late October to early December, but hear back in January. If you look up your program + school in the results search, you should get a pretty good idea of when you will hear back. From my understanding, geosciences typically send out acceptances from January to March but with the majority of them coming in February. Hope this helps!
  14. @dannerz I just received an email from Indiana University - Bloomington Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. It essentially says I'm in the list of "top applicants" and invited to the Open House. Hope this helps!
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