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  1. Could I do 2 and 4 please? I have not started school yet but I will in the fall and I LOVE my field
  2. Ooh good idea!! I'll contact them Thanks for the tip!
  3. I'm gonna be out of the country -- that is why I am worried 😕 Also never found a house before it will be my first time adulting
  4. when should i think about moving and housing options?
  5. I already emailed and called them multiple times about this and they just told me that everything is okay or did not respond. I am also alarmed and confused by this.. There was one official form that I signed but that was it. I hate bureaucracy and I have this feeling that I will continue to suffer with it even when I do get accepted...
  6. No I didn't and I asked them multiple times how to do so but they never replied.
  7. Ever since I was accepted, I heard little to no news from the school. They didnt even send me a proper funding package. I expressed my interest to attend and now I am worried that it will turn out unpleasant. Is it possible for schools to withdraw their offer?
  8. Me. I was advised not to but was also told that if I am going straight from an undergraduate program, I will be competing with other people applying straight from an undergraduate program. So everything is put in perspective.
  9. Thanks for all the replies! Very encouraging in many ways. Wish everyone a better cycle, sooner or later.
  10. I know it is not completely over, but anybody already thinking of reapplying next year? I dont know if I can go through this process again, to be honest. It was so stressful just waiting for results, especially knowing that the chances are slim. But getting a PhD and becoming a professor someday also feels like something I desperately want. I don't know. Maybe it is too early to feel hopeless. Would appreciate some insights from those who are reapplying or have reapplied.
  11. You know, if I ever become a professor, I am going to remember this pain and discomfort just waiting for the rejection and make sure that students hear from my school ASAP. But probably because I know what that is like, I might never make it to be a professor. Big sad.
  12. Also someone already claimed one spot earlier in January. Though i think it might be misinformation. Fingers crossed for all
  13. don't they only accept people after an interview? I already moved my projection to rejected
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