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  1. still trying to build up the motivation to apply again...i know for sure my biggest weak point on my apps was my gre scores..so i'm not sure if i should give that another try since i already took it 3 times and improved each time yet my score still sucked...any prep program recommendations are highed needed right now
  2. Finally received my rejection highly disappointed...that end my teaching dreams. I wish I would have known I wanted to go in this direction when I was younger I give up
  3. Ughhh this sucks I still haven’t received anything yet. I guess the combined program I applied for with African american studies didn’t complete their notifications yet which is why my app is held up smh
  4. Hey I was wondering what creditials are needed for most media studies phd applicants? Do programs typically care if you have media industry experience (I.e. news/tv/magazine)? Or are they more concerned with research experience and test scores. This particular major has been so difficult to find information on even when reaching out to faculty and current students at universities.
  5. Lol my thoughts exactly....waking and seeing all those damn rejections is killing my anxiety. they need to hurry up and let us know already for every department...I wish they would just get a standard decision notification date for all departments like they do with the deadlines to submit applications when we applying
  6. Yea yikes 😩 this waiting process is so stressful
  7. Looking st the past results for American studies and a few others I see they also released results on Saturdays and sundays so it could possible post this weekend too...fingers crossed and hoping for positive results for all of us
  8. I guess we all have to wait until next Friday to hear back...hopefully they admit a lot of people in the program like they did with the history program last week, so we can all have a better chance...good luck everybody!!!
  9. Looking at the past years it seems like American and African studies released notification between Wednesday’s the second week in February until the Friday of the third week in February..so I’m guessing we should all know more than likely by Friday this week hopefully...
  10. I saw some posted for a bunch of masters program applicants and literature/biology PhD applicants last week and this week ...however I’m not sure if those literature and biology PhD applicants who posted their results this week were invited to that little webinar.
  11. Has anyone who received the invite for the Yale webinar last week received an update notification regarding their application status yet stating whether they were rejected or acceptanced at this point? I’m just curious since I see some people who didn’t mention the invite have already already posted their results.
  12. kp_87

    Yale MFA 2019

    Is this for the masters programs only or both masters/phd?
  13. yeah im trying so hard not to get my hopes up...i hope they sent out notification on feb 1st so we all know where we stand early...i looked back at the results page on here and see most people in previous years recieved notification between feb 1st and feb 15th in most cases.
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