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  1. You might want to look at NYU...Carolyn dinshaw is a faculty member whose interests are aligned with yours.
  2. I’m on the waitlist for UMD! Please reject your offer if you plan to attend elsewhere!!
  3. Yes! Definitely thinking about next time...thankfully I got into a funded MA program, but I’m seriously reconsidering whether I should apply to WGSS programs next time. Perhaps a traditional discipline might be a better choice in terms of getting accepted, funding, and placement.
  4. I know one person who was accepted. They had their visiting weekend last week.
  5. @socisocisoci was it you who posted the acceptance to davis?? If so, congrats!!
  6. I’m confused...I don’t see any results posted for yale amst this year yet?
  7. Has anyone heard anything from UC Davis cultural studies?
  8. Yikes! I just logged into my UMN portal and it says my admission is "decided" but their decision isn't posted yet. We'll probably hear back really soon.
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