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  1. I started with wesbites like Duolingo to learn Spanish, Arabic, and Latin and then asked for profs for which textbooks and readers to try. Hope that helps
  2. Great list! I was able to get a few full funding options (background: early modernist, focusing on Spain, gender, and ethnicity)
  3. I'm still waiting to hear from one more school but I'm leaning towards Boulder at this point
  4. Not sure if all the acceptances have been sent out yet but visitation days for accepted students are starting in about two weeks so you should hear soon:)
  5. Unfortunately, I may have to take a year or two off to properly study the necessary languages. While I am willing to do this, I am saddened that I would have to put a pause on my research. While I am still in the process of researching programs, I am placing a high value on placements.
  6. I reached out to one of my LOR writers about learning Latin and he is directing me to a professor that might be able to help me. Either way, I'll start dedicating at least an hour a day to Latin and look into post-bacc programs for it.
  7. Fiona Griffiths, Lisa Bitel, and Katherine French are currently my top choices but I'm narrowing down my other options. I'll probably apply to half PhD programs and half MA programs. My medieval history professors have told me that my French would likely be enough since I would be getting an MA on my way to the PhD. However, I started worrying that even with two more semesters of French that wouldn't be enough. I guess the best I can do is start dedicating a few hours a day to Latin. One of my top choice advisors told me that my application looks strong and that she thinks I can pick up
  8. Do I have a chance?? I'm in the process of preparing to apply to history Ph.D. and MA programs like UCLA, Stanford, Michigan, etc. Ideally, I would like to go straight to Ph.D. but I don't think that will be a possibility without an MA to strengthen my application. Broadly, my interests are in medieval European women's and religious history. I have begun reaching out to potential advisors with more detailed research interests. -Senior majoring in History and minoring in Women's and Gender Studies from a top 100 school -Graduating from two honors programs (Departmental Honors and
  9. That's amazing! I'll definitely look into that program. Substantial MA funding seems so scarce 😅
  10. Do you know if there is any funding offered to MA students? Their website didn't say
  11. Yeah I am concerned about the costs of the program/relocating to NYC. That is heartening to hear that many of its graduates have done well though
  12. I’ll probably purchase that textbook and look into summer Latin intensives. I’m thinking I probably need to hone into my early modern interests. I’ll look into how I can apply my current interests to other areas. I’ve focused on Europe for so I need to expand my research interests for sure.
  13. For sure crossing Colombia off my list. Hopefully, I can still get into a Latin class the next two semesters so I have at least a baseline understanding. My interests span from medieval to the beginning of the early modern era. Maybe I can look into what research interests of mine aren't as language heavy.
  14. I'm a rising senior and I'm currently trying to enroll in Latin the next two semesters. I'm definitely prioritizing languages before applying but you're right that I probably won't have enough time in my current plan. I've thought about taking a gap year but I'm considering how I could best spend it. I'll definitely look into Oxford and Cambridge. UCLA, Harvard, and Yale no longer have the terminal MA programs. However, I will look into their divinity schools which do offer terminal MAs even though they would be major reach schools for me. Thank you SO much for your help!
  15. Thank you both. I'll definitely look into those programs and Dr. Butler! I have the same concern about Colombia especially since the cost of living would be insane.
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