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  1. Where were you accepted? Congrats on the offers!!!
  2. I'd suggest calling the program--each one will have a different requirement and I personally would not leave it up to answers on this forum. Don't worry about the "stupid" question, I'm sure many other applicants have similar worries.
  3. Thank you, as always, for your excellent input.
  4. Hey there, thank you for responding. My ultimate goal, like many others, would be to teach history at the university level. However, I do recognize that this is becoming an increasingly difficult goal to meet, so I'm not sure if adding an additional 28k in student loans is a smart idea (I already have 20k from my undergrad.) My thought is that it may be possible to complete the MLIS and then apply to only fully-funded PhD programs after. Of course, the Ivy League will probably look much better on any PhD program applications in the future, but on the other hand, I do get the sense that it
  5. Hi everyone, hope you have been well. I had previously accepted a spot in a one year master's at an Ivy League in history. This program after scholarship has been applied comes with a 28k price tag. After gaining employment at the University of Denver, I am now eligible for a tuition waiver. DU does not have a history program but does have a program in Library and Information Science (archive focus available.) After speaking with the program director, I could use my tuition waiver and basically attend this program for free. Does anyone have any advice as to whether I should withdraw
  6. I ended accepting an offer at Columbia University for an MA with a half tuition scholarship. I successfully deferred until Fall of 2021. Thank you all!
  7. Maybe the funding situation has changed, but the second portion of your advice really rings true to me. Thank you for the advice.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts. The person who interviewed me actually said I should probably expect to receive a significant amount of funding, so I guess I'll wait and see what they offer. This is a standalone program through the European Institute that just offers an MA, no PhD, so I'm guessing that may be why....
  9. Does anyone have any insight or personal experience with the European History, Politics, and Society MA program at Columbia? Had an interview with the program yesterday that went extremely well.
  10. Did anyone (who was rejected from Columbia) receive an email from the faculty advisor in the MA in European History, Politics, and Society asking to transfer their application to that department? He wants to have a phone call this week also. Trying to suss out if this was a wide email or a personal one.
  11. Thank you for your candid answer. I really think I can get better funding offers if I improve on a few things.
  12. I won’t be accepting either. I don’t want to be 100k in debt at the end of that! Did Temple offer you a full funding package?
  13. Hi all. I was accepted to two MA programs, Boston College and NYU. NYU offered no funding, but Boston College offered a TA position/stipend of 18k. My POI at Boston College was enthusiastic when I applied and I would love to work with him. If you were me, would you wait to apply again next year to secure full funding or should I cut my losses and accept the offer from Boston? The program is incredibly expensive and I would most definitely have to find outside employment. I really, really don't want to take on anymore student loans. I have a plan on how to improve my application
  14. Who else received the MA offer from NYU with no funding attached?
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