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  1. I ended accepting an offer at Columbia University for an MA with a half tuition scholarship. I successfully deferred until Fall of 2021. Thank you all!
  2. Maybe the funding situation has changed, but the second portion of your advice really rings true to me. Thank you for the advice.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. The person who interviewed me actually said I should probably expect to receive a significant amount of funding, so I guess I'll wait and see what they offer. This is a standalone program through the European Institute that just offers an MA, no PhD, so I'm guessing that may be why....
  4. Does anyone have any insight or personal experience with the European History, Politics, and Society MA program at Columbia? Had an interview with the program yesterday that went extremely well.
  5. Did anyone (who was rejected from Columbia) receive an email from the faculty advisor in the MA in European History, Politics, and Society asking to transfer their application to that department? He wants to have a phone call this week also. Trying to suss out if this was a wide email or a personal one.
  6. Thank you for your candid answer. I really think I can get better funding offers if I improve on a few things.
  7. I won’t be accepting either. I don’t want to be 100k in debt at the end of that! Did Temple offer you a full funding package?
  8. Hi all. I was accepted to two MA programs, Boston College and NYU. NYU offered no funding, but Boston College offered a TA position/stipend of 18k. My POI at Boston College was enthusiastic when I applied and I would love to work with him. If you were me, would you wait to apply again next year to secure full funding or should I cut my losses and accept the offer from Boston? The program is incredibly expensive and I would most definitely have to find outside employment. I really, really don't want to take on anymore student loans. I have a plan on how to improve my application for next year if I wait to try again. It includes trying to get something published, attending (2) conferences related to my field, and also taking a year long course in an additional language (already have French.) I currently work for a university, so I get to take advantage of free classes. My gut feeling is to wait and apply again next year, but I am open to insight. My field is modern British history. Thank you!
  9. Who else received the MA offer from NYU with no funding attached?
  10. Yes, have done lots of research in that department. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to make it work this go around. Hopefully next cycle brings better funding.
  11. No tuition waiver, just 18k stipend. 😕
  12. Finally got an acceptance for the MA at Boston College! Offered an 18k a year stipend. Unfortunately will probably wait and apply again next cycle to try and secure full funding. Does anyone have advice on taking a somewhat funded MA? My first inclination is to (sadly) turn down the offer.
  13. Hopefully something pans out for you... wishing you the best luck! If anyone not accepted this year wants to keep in touch over the summer as we are working on applications again, I would love that.
  14. Did anyone else not get accepted anywhere this year? Still waiting on NYU and Boston College who are evaluating my application for the MA, but even if I get in, probably couldn’t go.
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