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  1. As @ashiepoo72 and @starshiphistory have pointed out, there are diminishing returns for joining the society as an already admitted PhD student. I want to be part of societies and organizations that I can contribute to, not just passively participate in by holding a membership, and from what I can glean, participation would have been beneficial in undergrad. I thank you for your insight and will take your comments into consideration.
  2. Thank you for your response! I considered asking my advisors if I should join because the questions you brought up are definitely worth considering. And you're right, I'm not trying to pad my CV, I'm trying to determine if this will help with my growth as a historian not just to have a membership to list. Thank you so much for your reply! Your last sentence also confirms what my friend said: he was an active member in his undergrad and throughout his PhD and he was able to attend the regional conferences held by our alma mater, but that was the extent of it. I think if I had been asked
  3. Worth it in terms of networking and engaging other historians. They have their own journal, regional conferences, and awards/scholarships, I had just never heard anyone in the History department speak of it during my undergraduate years. I also think you're right, joining a professional organization may serve me better than an honor society. I suppose if I didn't find valuable engagement. For example, if the regional conferences they advertise don't take place near me (from what I can see, my department technically has a chapter, but it isn't active) and I can't network. I've been invi
  4. Hello everyone, I've recently been invited to join Phi Alpha Theta, the National Honor Society in History. I was sent an email from the faculty advisor of my alma mater and I'm curious if it's worth joining. I've been invited to join Honor Societies before, but I didn't know that one existed for the field of History, and I'm curious what benefits come from being a member. I've read the website, but I can't seem to find any definitive opinions on it, though there are some wishy-washy answers. Thank you for your help!
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10XIYhIw4fCbUend2WkA3iujfftu9TrXwR-YKcgr3JKo/edit#gid=693576939 It's this link, it was updated on Page 5 of this thread.
  6. Shouldn't this be the Fall 2021 thread? Or am I misunderstanding.
  7. Hello! I'm coming to IU for a PhD in History and minor in Jewish Studies.
  8. Finally heard from Michigan today. They said they're not taking anyone off of the waitlist this season because of financial restraints due to COVID-19. I'm not shocked, the odds were stacked against me (in terms of the amount of people who still had to make their final decisions) and I wouldn't have been able to make an informed decision had they accepted me, but it does still sting a little bit. Onward and upwards, I accepted my offer from Indiana University and I'll be moving to the Midwest in the summer! Good luck to anyone else still on the waitlist, I know it's rough with only one we
  9. A program offered me an extension on the deadline if I felt I needed more time, but that was the only one. The others have the deadline written in the acceptance letter and they seem to be sticking with it.
  10. Typically when they've notified people of acceptances they also send out emails to the waitlisters. You're not out until you're out, but it took weeks for UPenn to reject me, so who knows.
  11. Oh wow, I mean, given that they haven't sent me an email saying that I've been rejected, I assumed people were continuing to wait to make a decision, but now that they've sent that out, you're probably right, that may set off the dominoes needed.
  12. Nope, still waiting to hear from Michigan.
  13. I've been taken off the waitlist at Indiana! Just received my formal offer today and I have to say that I'm relieved/emotional/over the moon. I'm going to get a PhD! I'm still on the waitlist at Michigan and will be sending them an email on Monday to check on my status there and to let them know that I've been offered a doctoral position at IU. Fingers crossed that I can make my final decision soon and start my journey to a PhD in the Fall!
  14. Just for some clarity: I'm currently on two waitlists right now and have been in correspondence with both programs and have been assured that I'd receive an update as soon as they have one (said in the positive about being taken off the waitlist). My question is, if everyone accepts their offers, will they contact me to say that they can't offer me admission once they find out or will I have to wait until April 15th?
  15. I use Zotero and Evernote. Zotero to save the location of the source, the bibliographic info, and keep them in subfolders so it's not one big list. I use Evernote to take notes on each source. Although Zotero allows you to insert notes for each source saved, I've found that writing all the notes in EverNote and having new "notes" (pages, really) for each source has been incredibly helpful, mainly because I have Evernote on my phone, computer, and I can have it on the tablet I plan on getting for grad school.
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