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  1. Typically when they've notified people of acceptances they also send out emails to the waitlisters. You're not out until you're out, but it took weeks for UPenn to reject me, so who knows.
  2. Oh wow, I mean, given that they haven't sent me an email saying that I've been rejected, I assumed people were continuing to wait to make a decision, but now that they've sent that out, you're probably right, that may set off the dominoes needed.
  3. Nope, still waiting to hear from Michigan.
  4. I've been taken off the waitlist at Indiana! Just received my formal offer today and I have to say that I'm relieved/emotional/over the moon. I'm going to get a PhD! I'm still on the waitlist at Michigan and will be sending them an email on Monday to check on my status there and to let them know that I've been offered a doctoral position at IU. Fingers crossed that I can make my final decision soon and start my journey to a PhD in the Fall!
  5. Just for some clarity: I'm currently on two waitlists right now and have been in correspondence with both programs and have been assured that I'd receive an update as soon as they have one (said in the positive about being taken off the waitlist). My question is, if everyone accepts their offers, will they contact me to say that they can't offer me admission once they find out or will I have to wait until April 15th?
  6. I use Zotero and Evernote. Zotero to save the location of the source, the bibliographic info, and keep them in subfolders so it's not one big list. I use Evernote to take notes on each source. Although Zotero allows you to insert notes for each source saved, I've found that writing all the notes in EverNote and having new "notes" (pages, really) for each source has been incredibly helpful, mainly because I have Evernote on my phone, computer, and I can have it on the tablet I plan on getting for grad school.
  7. Let me know if you'd like to speak to someone who went through UofM for their undergraduate and graduate degrees, a good friend of mine has been in Ann Arbor for 10+ years and lived on campus/worked as an RA. She knows the city like the back of her hand.
  8. Damn. I wonder if Indiana will do the same with theirs at the end of the month. I know a lot of people use their visit weekends to make their final decisions (obviously a smart move) but if Michigan isn't holding theirs this week, that means some people may not make a decision until closer to April. I'm still on the waitlist and I've been informed that I'm an alternate for any Americanist who doesn't accept their offer, but it's going to be rough holding out until the last minute.
  9. Just received my first acceptance! I've been offered full tuition plus a TAship at Lehigh for their MA program. I've also just sent emails to my two waitlists to see if it's worth it to take this offer. Relieved I have one offer on the table now.
  10. Do you think Penn isn't done with sending out their acceptances? They sent out acceptances and waitlist emails a few weeks back. I'm in the same boat, though. Was waitlisted by Indiana and Michigan.
  11. If they take me off the waitlist (fingers crossed), I'd probably go. Though it's unclear if I'd make it off the waitlist in time for them to invite me.
  12. This tracks with your username, you clearly possess ancient knowledge a la the Oracle at Delphi (I know your un is Roman, but I'll stretch the Classics)
  13. Looks like UPenn is starting to send out emails, good luck everyone!
  14. I applied to a relatively similar field, Public History, and I applied to Vermont, Colorado-Denver, and Maryland-Baltimore. I just received an email from the UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) admin asking for two of my LoRs, but otherwise I haven't heard anything. ETA: The programs I applied to also seem to have the option to overlap with Museum Studies, hence the reason I responded to this thread.
  15. I'm really hoping UPenn starts sending out news soon, they're probably the last big hurdle I'm facing right now, beyond the waitlists.
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