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  1. @jpc34 That’s what I was suspecting, too, though it’s interesting that their acceptance notification came so much later than ours. Wonder if it’s also linked to field, though.
  2. Is the other UWM admit (the one who just posted today with the note about MA at UWM and funding) on the forum? Just wondering how you were notified about funding. In my admit email, I was told that we’d be getting word about funding by February 1 and nothing’s come through yet. Just wondering if I need to be checking the portal/PAWS at this point.
  3. @dr. telkanuru I can definitely see how that would be the case. Applying for jobs and interviewing for said jobs brings up a lot of the same kinds of anxiety that this process can bring up. You’re absolutely right—developing coping strategies is a must.
  4. @wynntir That’s a very enlightened approach. I applaud your wherewithal—I know that I certainly lacked it when I was in my first season. Fingers are crossed for you in your season for certain.
  5. Agreed—the stress is still pretty crazy. All of the schools on my list adhere to the April 15 rule, which is good, but at the same time I would love to hear sooner rather than later because that means I can start figuring out what my life may or may not look like in seven to eight months. The good news is, if patterns hold, the floodgates for a lot of schools open pretty soon. Northwestern, if patterns hold, should be sending out notifications by the end of the month and UChicago should be sending theirs around the 15th of February. Cross your fingers, remember to breathe, and no,
  6. @TexasTiger The nerves are real. This is my second season and I remember barely being able to concentrate on virtual classes, etc. once I heard back from the first school (Loyola sent out their notifications super early last year because their cohort was so small) until I heard from the last. The waiting isn’t easy—it’s still not easy. If it doesn’t go your way this season, it is entirely possible that it will feel like the end of the world. I can guarantee that it’s not, but it’ll feel that way. I don’t know about anyone else, but I cried after most of my rejections and it’s 100% okay
  7. Re: UWM - I got a really good feeling about the people in the program, but I’ve got some pretty grave concerns about the funding situation. Still, after my wholly unsuccessful season last year, getting in feels amazing and I’m hopeful. I’m still waiting to hear on the funding piece, and from my other apps, because in between applying and getting accepted, I had a major shift in my career (to the point where I’m now making twice what I was making at the time I applied for PhD programs—I literally got all of my apps in and then got the job offer), so there is a lot more at stake for me now
  8. Congrats to all the folks who are interviewing and best of luck to you all!
  9. Probably because of my nerves, really. I do have some emails out regarding various things and will be reaching out to some faculty and possibly some graduate students this week as I attempt to narrow down my prospects for the upcoming cycle. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets anxious about essentially cold-emailing someone you've never met who's higher up on the career and academic ladder than you are.
  10. I've added more schools to the potential list, which is currently in flux. Had some contact with Loyola's public history program and based on that have probably taken their public history/US History joint PhD off my list (in part due to my own background and how they handle folks who come in with a master's in hand). A few others that either weren't on my radar last cycle or were taken off my list of schools that I actually applied to are probably ending up on this year's list (U Wisconsin at Milwaukee being one of them). After going back and forth like crazy about which of my writing s
  11. In digging through the page's archives, I've only found one or two really good replies on this subject (from a couple years ago now), so I'm going to ask and hopefully someone will answer and leave me enough lead time to reach out. In a couple weeks, I'm going to be in Chicago and would kind of like to reach out to some of the programs that I'm applying to see if it would be possible to talk to someone about the program or maybe at least just get a feel for the campus (the trip is not expressly for this purpose; my cousin is getting married in the suburbs and I'm staying in the city for a
  12. Thanks @TMP -- knowing what your experience was with regard to this, and the advice about just flat-out asking DGS about the certificate numbers and the nitty-gritty is definitely going to help me sort through these options that weren't on my list the first time around.
  13. I can't give you any insight on either program, but I will tell you this: go where your research interests would be best served. It won't matter where you're living if you hate what you're studying. Then again, if you hate the idea of living in Manchester, that's also something to consider.
  14. I can't say that my MA helped me get a job, but it did make me a stronger person and a better scholar--and helped me realize how much I can accomplish on very tight timelines. This last portion, while it probably didn't help me get a corporate job that I kept for four years (finally leaving to return to school for an additional undergraduate degree in another social science field), probably gave me the skills I needed to do that job, which involved a lot of client-deliverable writing, deadline-setting and keeping, and organization. If you're in a MA program that requires a thesis project, yo
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