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  1. That’s awesome! Congratulations and best of luck in SoCal.
  2. So are you taking a year off, then? I don't remember if you said you'd gotten any offers.
  3. Well, my season is officially over. On my way back from classes today, I received my (very nice) rejection from UIC. I'll be taking some time to decompress and rest, focus on my own writing and research, and survive the last weeks of my second undergraduate degree before I start looking very hard at anything for fall 2022--but I will most likely be applying to programs again for fall 2022.
  4. My fingers are definitely crossed and I'm still hopeful for both of us. I've been in touch with my advisor at my current institution (I'm finishing up a second bachelor's degree but in a different discipline right now but have contacts in the history department) about future plans if this cycle doesn't pan out for me. He reaffirmed the exceptionally brutal nature of this year's cycle overall and does have suggestions for additional programs for me if this year doesn't pan out (there were some in our initial conversations that we knocked off my list at the outset because we already knew t
  5. That's odd. It sounds a lot more like something pre-application to me. Sounds like that's your read on it, too, unless I'm mistaken.
  6. So they’re having a visiting day this coming Friday or April 19? I’m confused now.
  7. I mean, when I emailed back in February, they said that the wait-list is SUPER ACTIVE, so there's still a chance to be admitted. I was told they routinely admit into April. On the advice of my advisor (also one of my recommendation writers), I'm going to wait until the 22nd to reach out to them--going to kind of chill until then and see what happens.
  8. Thank you both @historyofslothsand @TMP -- these insights are super helpful. I'm still waiting to hear back from one school (University of Illinois at Chicago) and my previous communication with the grad director for the department there indicated that their waitlist was extremely active and that they anticipated admitting students as late as mid-April. I haven't heard anything from them one way or another, though I did spy an acceptance last week there. Just holding tight, waiting and hoping. I'd rather not go through another application cycle, but I will if I have to.
  9. Out of curiosity, what has been people's experience with waitlists? Do you always receive word that you're waitlisted, or sometimes is there just nothing (I would imagine in some ways this is institution-dependent, but I could be mistaken)?
  10. Just for clarification purposes, which states, exactly, are you referring to when you say "southeast"?
  11. I'm still waiting for UIC. I saw one notice on the board the other day, but given how their admissions have gone in past years, gaps would not surprise me. I haven't heard any word from the department since my email exchange with the director at the beginning of February. No updates to portal, no emails, nothing. Debating whether or not to reach out if I don't hear anything by next week.
  12. Just a note, it might not be that your research interest is too specific, it might be that they just don't have anyone that would be able to guide you with regard to that particular interest (or anyone that feels qualified enough to guide you in that particular research interest).
  13. Judging from a quick survey of last year's results, it looks like a lot of folks referred to MAPSS from the Ph.D cycle do end up with more funding than just the usual MAPSS applicants, but that could just be a side effect of whose results we can see. Good luck to all the MAPSS folks regardless! May your admission be imminent and your funding be ample.
  14. Before you look at taking the GRE again, I'd check and see if the schools that you'd want to be applying to require it at all. A lot of programs seem to be phasing it out (beyond just waiving it due to the pandemic). I would also reach out to other professors that would hopefully remember your work--those are the letters of rec you'll want, not something from your work life. You'd be surprised who remembers you years later.
  15. Don't know if it's the same for anyone else, but I am so, so anxiously awaiting UIC's admissions right now. They are my last (and admittedly, my best) shot at a Ph.D program this year. I see that Champagne-Urbana's admissions are popping right now -- congrats to all of those folks who got in or at least made the waitlist. UIC's admissions decisions are expected toward the end of the month, based on department contact. Anyone else having anxiety over University of Illinois at Chicago right now?
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