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  1. $4k grant and a $20.5k in federal loans. I guess it's better than nothing, but it won't make me feel better about turning down that $10k from Stanford.
  2. Wow! I was actually reading this thread, thinking, "Wouldn't it be awesome to figure out where this person is and see how things turned out?" That's pretty great, and comes at a good time for me as I've pretty much jumped in the Harvard boat before I've gotten my financial details. Also, thanks for the reminder that I'm not going to HGSE to be just a cog in the wheel. I see this point, but I understand what the OP is getting at. It's definitely not a shot at anybody who actively wants to work in education in Asia. It's something that I've thought myself, having already taught in
  3. Well, I just turned down the offer, so hopefully that frees up a spot for someone on the waitlist! Good luck at Penn everyone! It's an awesome school.
  4. Well I'm pretty much in the Harvard camp, even before financial info. It's tough because Stanford has such an awesome program and I know that I'd take away some amazing knowledge/experience at either one. I'm honestly just trying to take it in now. It feels weird.
  5. Woop woop! In as well! Congrats to all accepted. I feel like all of my pessimism was worthwhile.
  6. Potentially within two hours? Losing hope for today.
  7. Hah, I love looking at the users reading this topic. 31. I see a lot of familiar faces.
  8. I think results have been later before, but I don't think it's happening yet. Not today. Friday, I'll stick to my guns on that.
  9. Here's a fun exchange from the PhD in Anthropology decisions at Harvard: Chill your tits. Hah. What does one do then with chilled tits, I wonder?
  10. Because of the time difference, I've been asleep when I got the email. You can bet that doesn't cause me to wake up at 4am panic-striken when I think I should be hearing back (or even when not).
  11. Hey hey. I wish I could go. But I'm halfway around the world. I never even visited when I was living in SF... But alas, a bit about myself anyway: ICE as well Int'l/Ed background: Studied Econ (minors: Global Studies/French) Internship at the State Department Taught in Korea (we're everywhere!) and Paraguay, too Worked for an Ed Tech startup in SF Bay Area Currently getting some traveling/writing/language learning in before the onslaught of grad school and subsequent piles of debt.
  12. You guys can dig deeper! 2008 and 2009, the results came out closer to mid-March. Seemed like they started trending a week earlier in 2011. I don't think day of the week has anything to do with it. Potentially a more interesting variable to consider is the number of business days between the application deadline and the decisions going out. But I've got real world things to do.
  13. I only check it about 10-15 times a day when I know there's no news. I think Friday's the day as well. Though it could be earlier!
  14. Yeah I think the typical non-local rate is $400. That wouldn't be enough to get me across the pond anyway.
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