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  1. Can't talk much about other schools, but Stanford's review process is very holistic. I have seen people get in with various experiences, undergrad institutions, ages, GRE score ranges, GPAs, etc. The one unifying factor was research experience, which most people seemed to have a few years under their belt and were actively involved in their projects (as opposed to being a pipetting robot for a postdoc). I can also say that having publications won't automatically give you an interview. In my program we have interviewing people with Nature, Cell, Science papers and have both accepted and re
  2. If anyone has questions about Stanford Biology's interview session feel free to shoot me a message!
  3. Stanford Biology interview invites should be going out very shortly. Good luck!
  4. To everyone applying to Stanford Biology, I just got word that adcoms will finalize reviewing applications early this week and will probably send interview invites later this week or early next week (this is most likely true for all other biosciences home programs). Best of luck and hope to see you here in March!
  5. All of the places I interviewed at had 10-15 minute breaks in between interviews. At places like MIT where all buildings are close to each other these breaks were good to eat a snack, use the restroom, check your e-mail, etc. Other schools like Wisconsin - Madison, which has buildings spread throughout the city, had breaks that were used more as a means of getting from point A to B. Interviews are held in your interviewers office or a small conference/seminar room with only yourself and your interviewer. Most interviews tend to end around 5 PM, this usually followed by a dinner of sorts
  6. Your scores are WAY better than mine and I was able to get into good programs without people even asking about my GRE scores. Given that you also have a good GPA I would not worry at all about re-taking the GRE. I believe your time will be better applied to writing and polishing your personal statement.
  7. My GPA was indeed above 3.8, however my GRE scores were horrible for a top 10 (<75% on all categories).
  8. I applied to mostly top 10 programs as an international who studied in an unknown state school and was able to get into half of the schools I applied to. Also, during my interviews I met many people who were from state schools, unknown liberal arts schools and who had no publications whatsoever, very rarely would I meet someone who had published. Publications aren't a requirement to get into top 10, 20 or whatever schools IMO. Good luck!
  9. I remember last year how much I would freak out about grad school aps and spend countless of nights thinking of possible scenarios, haha! Everything will work out in the end but best of luck to everyone! I will be starting in Stanford's Biology program in September if anybody has any questions about this specific program or anything related to grad school interviews coming from an international student's point of view. Best of luck!
  10. Got assigned a studio at the new Kennedy residences! Anyone else living on campus?
  11. Working at my REU site from last summer and then taking a month off before I start grad school.
  12. If a program does not require it, don't take it, save those dollars and apply to another program. Some programs also recommend it but don't require it (some of Stanford's programs for example) and you might consider taking the subject test for these programs, however, I've know if people who get in without it.
  13. Well by the time you go to their third week they already accepted a big bulk of international students and almost ever international I met during the 3rd week got put into this "we want you put can't afford you" wait-list because they had already accepted internationals from the previous two weeks. I also know quite a few faculty and administration from my two summers and a few of them outright told me that had I gone to the 1st or 2nd week I would have been admitted without a doubt. Still, MIT is a great place regardless and I feel going to Stanford and expanding my network is for my benefit,
  14. Can't believe this process is over and that I was admitted to my 1st choice! Here is my final breakdown: Undergrad Institution: Large state university with lots of research but lots of pre-med/pre-vets Major(s): Biochemistry GPA in Major: 3.86 Overall GPA: 3.92 GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 158 (72%) V: 155 (68%) W: 4.5 (78%) Research Experience: 3.5 years in the same lab at my institution 2 summers at MIT Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list every semester A few poster presentation award from my school Pertinent Activities or Jobs: I guess my extensive research exper
  15. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow I think I will be spending my next 5-6 years in California, sunny beautiful California .
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