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  1. Actually I already got into a specific grad program. Thanks to COVID-19, lately I'm lurking thegradcafe again. And I found out that the acceptance rate of Stanford Biosciences is very low (with respect to other program). Why is that?
  2. Do you have other method to quantify the competitiveness of a PhD program?
  3. Eh, that's very competitive. Much more competitive than Harvard BBS and MIT Bio. Am I right?
  4. I heard that Stanford Biosciences is more competitive (acceptance rate wise) than its peer institutions, e.g. MIT Biology, Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS), UCSF, GSK. Why so?
  5. Relative to the other Biosciences Programs, is it true that Genetics is the most / one of the more competitive programs in Biosciences?
  6. As an international student who will attend interview days at Harvard BBS & Stanford Biosciences, could you guys give me some insights or comparisons about these two programs?
  7. How do you know that today is the last day of the interview invitation?
  8. @HARDROCKFMSBY : #SingYourLoveSong 1
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