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  1. A fellowship I'm on gives me some money every year to buy supplies or whatever you need. I have $400 left to spend by May 15, but I'm not totally sure what I should buy. I'm thinking maybe a textbook, and an external hard drive, but that still leaves me with $150 left over. Any thoughts?
  2. Do you have a link or anything to this program?
  3. I wish I lived on the west coast. I could stay up until midnight, but not 3am. I'll be dead tomorrow by lunch time.
  4. Every grad student you met at Yale was miserable? In MCGD? I'm sorry you got that impression but I'm pretty surprised by it. I'm a first year in Yale's MCGD and I can't think of a single other person there who is miserable. I know people who are shy and quiet and that's the only thing I can think of that might be mistaken for someone being miserable. But you gotta go with your gut, and if you're not happy with Yale, there's nothing you can do.
  5. Well I can give my perspective as a first-year grad student. I just finished hosting for the interview weekends. All of the students, or I should say first-years and second-years, were out on all of the extracurricular activities, and the major reason was because all our friends were gonna be there. I don't know about other programs, but my department has 30+ first years and we're all really close with each other and genuinely enjoy spending time together. So if I hear another school only half the students show up to extracurricular stuff, based solely on my experiences which may or may not be
  6. Well, what if you accept your school that you wanna go to, then you go to the interview, are BLOWN AWAY at the interview, and can't accept their offer. Your offer at the school you wanna go to will still be there after the weekend, so it's safe to wait.
  7. If they rescind their offer for any reason, academic or bureaucratic, they would let you know.
  8. WashU is very well respected in biology. In my (perhaps naive) opinion, I feel that WashU and Columbia are equals in biological research. I don't think you would get a huge advantage from name recognition by going to Columbia
  9. Woah! To accept ZERO grad students for the year! That's really unfortunate for NC State, and I guarantee it's very frustrating and concerning for everyone involved.
  10. If it didn't work with the professor at Northwestern, would there really be no other professors you would be excited about rotating with there?
  11. If you're not checking a bag, most airlines let you print your airline ticket from home, so you can go straight to the security checkpoints when you arrive. Pretty good time saver, and it just makes one less thing to do.
  12. I don't know anyone who gave their interviewers CVs or anything. The person interviewing you has your entire application in front of them usually and the point of the interview is to get to know you beyond your stats and numbers. So I don't know if it would be helpful to bring copies of your CV or anything like that. But that's just my opinion, maybe others strongly disagree
  13. Not necessarily. Usually when they decide on who to offer interviews to, they assign certain professors to contact you. Some professors may contact you that same day, others might way a few days.
  14. Send an email to Iowa asking when they would like your response by. That's what I did to all the early interview requests I got, and every single school was cool with it.
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