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  1. I'm a rotating 1st year and I had also listed the 3 PIs I rotated with on my application... I'm in my last rotation now and all have been enjoyable, but I don't want anyone trying any harder to recruit me than they normally would because of the money (I don't know if this happens). I won't hide it from them if they ask, but it would be easier if it wasn't thrown in their faces/inboxes.
  2. Does anyone know if our schools/PIs are informed that we won the award? I remember entering my program director's email address in the application but I don't know if NSF will email them directly.
  3. Holy moly I got it! E/E, E/VG, VG/E
  4. We are pretty sure the results are coming out tomorrow based on trends from previous years. In particular, announcements occur at the end of March/early April the day after a random "maintenance" notice appears on Fastlane. The notice showed up this morning. Furthermore, the previous 9 years' announcements have occurred on a Tuesday or Friday. As for what time, who knows. Probably early morning, 6am ET at the latest.
  5. What time do you guys think the awards will be posted? Last year Fastlane went down at 9pm and was back up at 12:42am (Mountain). I don't know what the stated "down for maintenance" notice was last year, though.
  6. Emphasis is mine. If threnagyn is right about the maintenance posts coming the day before, we can't rule out a Tuesday (ie, tonight) release. Also check this out: Fastlane overnight maintenance happened on March 18th this year. Maybe the results were uploaded then and are just being hidden for now (would explain why the Award List page has had a 2016 header for at least a few days now -- the natural follow-up is whether that header appeared March 19th). I don't know what went down in 2008, but I assume hacking of the fellow list means that results were online prior to official release. In-person hacking of the list is funnier to imagine, though.
  7. I hadn't thought about this, but you're probably right. I just quickly searched and it looks like 2015 had 16500 applicants and 2014 had 14000 applicants.
  8. Do you think it will be Tuesday 3/29 or Friday 4/1 that we find out? Using the Results page (here on gc), the past announcement dates seem to alternate in pairs of years -- but I don't have enough info to really conclude that a pattern exists. 2015: Tuesday, 31 March 2014: Tuesday, 1 April 2013: Friday, 29 March 2012: Friday, 30 March 2011: Tuesday, 5 April 2010: Tuesday, 6 April 2009: Friday, 10 April I wasn't able to find information about announcements in 2008 or earlier. If we assume that a pattern does exist, it would make sense for Friday 4/1 to be the day. However, if this pattern does exist, there has got to be a reason that it exists -- it seems unlikely that NSF would create a pattern for no reason. What are these people planning around that may affect the Tuesday vs Friday decision? Who organizes the announcement? If we assume that submission deadlines are not arbitrary (ie, deadlines are selected so that adequate time could be given to review), it would make more sense for Tuesday 3/29 to be the announcement date. The deadlines for submission this year were earlier than any of the other years I surveyed (2009-2015) by ~1-3 weeks. Man! I have missed sharing in the obsessiveness that comes with this site . I haven't been on much since starting school last August.
  9. Hey all, I just went to the NSF-GRFP facebook page, which has been pretty void of activity since last year's announcement on March 31st. That announcement has a link to the award list, so I clicked on it, and I got the attached error message. Note the web address -- the link should not have been 2015-specific. Maybe I'm stirring stuff out of nothing?
  10. There aren't rules, as reference styles are field-specific. I et al'd when there were 6 or more authors, but I still listed the first 3 authors (+et al). Also choose references wisely- you don't need many. Also reviews are great since they usually only have 1 or 2 authors.
  11. So... I submitted my application on Friday. I felt very ready to submit, and so I did. I'm a 1st year grad student. I have a paper from undergrad that I recently submitted to a journal X, and although it was received favorably, X asked for some significant changes. In my NSF, I listed the paper (and described it in the personal statement) as "under review" by X, because I didn't know what else to say about it. The day after I submitted my NSF, I got an email from a journal Y saying my paper has been submitted (to Y). I guess my old PI decided to submit to Y instead of make the changes that X wanted. Later that day, I saw on Fastlane that her letter had been received. So, her letter probably mentions journal Y, and my application mentions journal X. How big of a problem is this? I don't know what to do! I feel like any incongruity between what I said and what my recommenders say IS the end of the world. I'm too stressed out by this to write my old PI an email and ask which journal she mentioned in her letter. I don't like to ask about what's in letters. I've never read a letter written for me and I don't know how I would gently ask about this situation. ...On the other hand, I feel like it shouldn't matter and maybe everything will be okay. In my personal statement, although I mentioned journal X's name, I only mentioned my publications (this will be my 2nd first-author pub) because I wanted to talk about the lessons I have learned from my scientific writing experiences. Journal names are pretty irrelevant to the discussion that I offer in my statements; i.e., what I wrote would still be worth writing even if I had zero pubs. But the incongruity is still there, and I don't want to get thrown out because of it.
  12. Ah, I get it. For whatever reason I thought I HAD to use the research I did prior to grad school as inspiration.
  13. Thanks. I started working on this today so I'm still getting acquainted with the process and expectations. I'm still a little confused, though. The application is asking for my primary field of study -- my undergrad work (which I am writing about, as if I were continuing onward with it) was in developmental biology. I am enrolled in a Neuroscience program. Is this going to be a problem? Those are two separate fields (but both within Life Sciences).
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