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  1. No, I got an email saying that they wanted to let me know sooner but I can still call if I want.
  2. Just got my acceptance to Brown-NIH. Edit: Also just got into Brown NSGP I can’t believe this!
  3. Just got an invite from Dartmouth PEMM! Before "anybody" comes for me, they do have a Neuroscience focus haha. I think that's it for me so I'm out. I'll see you all in March when decisions come out. Good luck everyone!!!
  4. Brown was December 22nd, Brown-NIH was December 27th.
  5. I got both. But they might still only accept for one.
  6. Dartmouth PEMM is meeting late this week to discuss applications. So invites might be out by Friday.
  7. I got one this morning. Edit: Sorry, I didn't read it properly. From the program. But I had been in contact with the program coordinator, so a POI is CC'd.
  8. Thanks! I was freaking out for a second haha. Did you get invited for both? Do you think it will be awkward interviewing for both at the same time?
  9. Did anyone else get invited to both Brown and Brown-NIH? I’ve heard that they only accept to one but not both. Is this true?
  10. Top applicants sometimes reject interviews. I know a young professor who got in to Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and Berkeley who rejected interviews from other programs. So maybe they are waiting to see if they have more spots before sending rejections?
  11. I think I got the email because I didn’t answer the call. So they just wanted to let me know.
  12. For Dartmouth PBS it seems like they stopped releasing interviews. I will tell you what I know for further advice because I see that you're interested in Behavioral Neuro. I met the Dartmouth PEMM committee and they warned me that the PBS program is actually very limited. A lot of the professors that show up under PBS on the website are not actually in PBS, they're in PEMM. If I hadn't talked to them, I wouldn't have known and I would have made the mistake of applying to PBS based on the website. It's possible that your research interests were not actually aligned with PBS but rather with PEM
  13. Dartmouth PBS has already sent out invitations. Dartmouth PEMM has historically sent theirs the first week of January.
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