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  1. Hey: I just got accepted to an incredible program, but they're expecting a final decision by next week. I still have two more interviews and would like to weigh all of my options before making a final choice! Is it okay if I email admissions and request more time before accepting/declining my offer? Is that too selfish?
  2. No! This is just a place to discuss interview prep if you'd like. It's for applicants, made by an applicant (me).
  3. @UMich PIBS: did you all get your packages yet? Mine hasn't arrived yet, now I'm having a stroke, lol.
  4. Hey, sorry for being MIA: had my first interview this week and was swamped! My two cents: More importantly, I think that UNC is considered a safety net for many, many applicants. It's an "easy" first interview, is a solid umbrella program, and has a reasonable priority deadline. I got my UNC rejection on Friday along with everyone else. I would argue that UMich has a better Neuroscience program than UNC (Huda Akil vs. Tom Kash,) but it depends on your specific research interests within the field. I'm surprised that PIBS only offered 100 interviews... wow! Thanks for providing that insight
  5. Hear ye, hear ye! https://discord.gg/NMPVh9rf The ISMMS Discord server is now alive- let the panicking commence!
  6. Hear ye, hear ye! https://discord.gg/NMPVh9rf The ISMMS Discord server is now alive- let the panicking commence!
  7. I am, too! 2/6 is more than most people and considered pretty good. I can definitely provide more information about the post-bacc experience later on if you still need it
  8. 2/6 interviews is AWESOME, and you very well may get accepted, dude! I'd say focus on your interviews before planning your backups.
  9. If anyone wants to be a Post-Bacc @ the NIH, lmk: I was a Post-Bacc for 17 months & can speak about the application process / experience!
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