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  1. Goodness, that's so frustrating. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, stem_ness.
  2. But is the Molec / Neuro /etc. program thru A&S, or is it thru the med school? Perhaps it's both?
  3. I actually started the Neuro thread from last Spring, didn't end up applying for the 2020 cycle (needed more Neuro experience). Currently in a systems & circuits lab, but will be applying to umbrella biology / mcb / biochem programs / to labs that focus on neurobiology / neuroendocrinology.
  4. Outstanding- thank you so much!
  5. Hi! Had no idea that McGill even offered this program. I applied to the Neuro MSc last summer and couldn't make it due to a lack of funding/space in my lab of choice. Like OP, I'm also interested in stress research... In what ways is the program unlike the Neuro program?
  6. One of my friends just heard from UNC, UCLA, and UCSF. She didn't take the GRE / attended a small liberal arts college.
  7. Let's meet on-campus- I'm also at the NCI and applying to Neuroscience programs. I just faced my first rejection and am reeling.
  8. Yikes... Being a woman and/or minority is considered a "special bonus point"?
  9. What does it mean to be "ready" for grad school? I'm currently being advised by my peers to reconsider my graduate school readiness because of my mental health and previous experiences of trauma. What's odd is that I've made leaps and bounds to recenter myself & prioritize my well-being while maintaining productivity in the lab. Not sure why they're so concerned, it's making me wary. Let's discuss this?
  10. Any McGill acceptances? (Didn't go through the thread.)
  11. My postbacc is in Epigenetics & Chromatin Biology, haha. I don't have much bench experience in Neuroscience. May apply for an MS abroad (cheaper, accelerated.)
  12. For the Fall 2020 applicants who are already panicking. Where are you applying, what's your academic background, etc..?
  13. The earlier, the better? I'm going to make the thread.
  14. Neuromantic


    Has there been a definitive list of schools / programs no longer accepting / requiring the GRE? So far, I know that ISMMS (Sinai) and UW-Madison don't require it for Fall 2020... Let's try to get a list going?
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